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unmedicated birth

Dad vs. Nurse: Advocacy in the Labor Room (part one)

April 4, 2016
GUEST POST by Melissa DuBois Jeanette Mesite Frem, owner/director and executive momma of Babies in Common (BinC) recently posed a question to a group of current and former labor & delivery nurse friends (me included). The question was: How can partners (especially male partners) best interact with a labor nurse when advocating for the laboring mother’s birth plan without causing the nurse to get… Read more

An Anesthesia Doctor's Wish: an Unmedicated Birth

October 25, 2015
GUEST POST by Rebecca Zanconato, MD By the time I completed my first month of obstetric anesthesia training, I had concluded that every woman admitted to labor and delivery was a disaster waiting to happen.  No one ever specifically said this to me during any of my training, but in speaking with fellow residents I found that just based on our experiences in training we had all come to the same… Read more