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Hand Expression & Breast Massage Videos

Breastfeeding? Pumping?

Hand expression and breast massage are extremely helpful for lactating folks. Here are links to videos that could super-helpful for you!

If you need further help, reach out to Babies in Common's International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Jeanette.  Send a simple text to 617-686-0052 or email  Or, go ahead and...

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The video above is specifically about PRENATAL expression of colostrum/early milk.

See minute 2:55 for demonstration of exactly how to do the prenatal breast massage and hand expression of colostrum BUT PLEASE DO NOT NOT NOT press back into your breast with your fingers...this is not needed and is an old recommendation but we now know that it may damage your breasts. Instead line up your finger tips with your nipple and then gently squeeze toward your nipple and hold. Move your fingers around. Watch the additional videos on this page, too!

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Note on the video at left,

  • she mentions issues with nipple damage with pumping--I suspect she was using flange sizes that are too large BUT I don't know that.  I do think there are some people that would do better with hand expression instead of I like to say, we are all born with two breast pumps--our hands--so we should try to use them!
  • she shakes and massages her breasts more firmly than some people can do--I do NOT want anyone to bruise themselves or hurt don't try to exactly copy what she does, but use this is a guide within the comfort and anatomy you have
  • the information she provides about the more fatty milk is somewhat true but at the same time, some people release milk sooner in the hand expressing or pumping or feeding session than others.
  • Not everyone will have this much milk. Some people have more milk than others.  But hand expression has been proven to get more milk out than pumping (but then again, we don't have studies yet on using the "new" way of flange fitting (take my Pump & Bottle Ready class to learn about that!)
  • Not all of her terminology is correct, but I thought this video could be helpful!
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