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Feeding Support Groups Update for 2018

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January 28, 2018

author: Jeanette Mesite Frem
I’ve been thinking about changing up how I schedule my groups for a while now, listening to group members and those who wish they could come but haven’t, after lots of feedback, I’m excited to announce some changes to my Breastmilk & Conversation groups and my More Milk Mamas groups. 
The update: 
  • RSVP? Nope, not anymore.  Just drop-in.  I am no longer requesting anyone to RSVP, just check the calendar online before you come (within an hour before it starts) to confirm it’s still happening and then come. The calendar is available on every page of (upper right hand side) as well as on the Babies in Common Facebook page.
  • Times: 11:30 am or 1:00 pm (see the calendar)
  • Days for Breastmilk & Conversation: Fridays (11:30 am) AND once a month on a weekend day at either 11:30 am or 1:00 pm (could be a Saturday or Sunday)
  • Days for More Milk Mamas: once-a month on the weekend at either 11:30 am or 1:00 pm (either a Saturday or a Sunday)
What’s still the same:
  • Fee: still $10 (did you know your health insurance MAY reimburse you for group fees? I know Fallon has in the past—it’s worth getting a receipt and submitting it!). If you have MassHealth, the fee is $5.  WIC members, free.  Cash or credit card fine (Cash preferred).
  • An unlimited group pass is available for $50. Valid for one year from date of purchase. Valid for both groups (B&C and MMM). Not transferable to another person. 
  • What to bring:  it’s still the same—yourself (pajamas, casual, unshowered is fine), your baby (not required but most do), whatever you need for your child.
  • What is included:  It’s still the same—a scale to weight your baby; comfy seating; self-serve coffee, tea, cold/hot water; a friendly in-person group; membership in a closed Facebook group for those who have attended group and it’s likely that you’ll make some good friends (especially if you attend multiple times)
  • Who should attend Breastmilk & Conversation: those who are expecting a baby and plan to nurse/chestfeed/pump, those with a new baby, those with an older baby who is not yet walking or crawling-too-fast-so-you-can’t-sit-in-one-place-during-group, those who have questions and those who just want to be in a room chatting with others who value breastmilk as a food for human kids! Share questions and concerns, funny stories and your wisdom with others.
  • Who should attend More Milk Mamas: those who have a baby 5 or more months old and those who have nursing older babies, toddlers or preschoolers who still nurse (or those who used to attend groups but finished nursing and still want to hang out with likeminded folks they got to know at group and share their wisdom with others who attend)
Please consider attending or tell everyone about the groups. Share this post on social media. Sent the link to this post to a friend or someone you know who has a grandbaby on the way or recently born. You never know who might be looking for some support!

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