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For Parents-to-be

All of our prenatal classes are currently being offered LIVE and interactive via the Zoom video-conferencing platform, HOWEVER, there are three in-person class options at our office in Northborough, Massachusetts:

  • Those who are looking for the benefits of hands-on guidance can elect to take Move & Get Comfy for Labor
  • the CPR & Choke Saving Skills classes
  • our Move & Get Comfy for Labor class allows participants to choose an in-person option
  • our Breastfeeding Ready class has some in-person options.

One benefit to offering a virtual option is that people who are not local to MetroWest/Central Massachusetts can take advantage of our outstanding classes! Please consider inviting friends and family members near and far!

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Gamechanger. Unexpected.  Informative. 

These are words that we often hear used to describe our classes! We are fortunate to have touched the lives of literally thousands of families in our prenatal classes. They say they appreciate the energy, the jokes, the time, the options and the passion that we have for birth and supporting growing families.  Our classes are the perfect size to get to know you and provide you with individualized attention as well as answer your questions and stay in touch for continued support! Childbirth classes should be fun...I mean, you ARE having a baby, after all! 

Why Take Your Classes With BinC?

ALL birthing people, regardless of your birth plan, will benefit tremendously from prenatal education at Babies in Common!

Our comprehensive prenatal classes are for anyone who is:

  • Planning an unmedicated birth, 
  • Planning pain medication or an epidural,
  • Having a high risk or a low risk pregnancy,
  • Seeing a midwife or a doctor,
  • Birthing at a hospital, birth center, or home!

Our prenatal classes help you:

  • “Stack the cards” in your favor for the birth you want,
  • Make informed decisions about your prenatal, birth & newborn care,
  • Succeed at breastfeeding, pumping or bottle feeding your baby, 
  • Speak to medical providers about your wants and needs,
  • Advocate for your rights and wishes during labor & birth,
  • Adapt and manage a birth experience that unfolds differently than you planned,
  • Prepare for the tremendous & transformative experience of parenting,
  • Have a safe, positive and empowering birth experience, no matter the outcome! 

To help you form your own philosophy for your birth experience, our classes combine:

  • Our own decades of expertise and education in pregnancy, labor, birth, feeding and parenting, 
  • Thousands of experiences providing direct care & education to new and expecting families,
  • The wisdom of pioneers in the family-centered childbirth movement &
  •  Up-to-date, evidence-based information and resources.

The birth of your baby is an awesome moment.  It’s amazing.  Birth just plain ROCKS.  It should be a day you rave about, no matter how your baby is born! Find out how you, too, can have that kind of attitude about birthing! 

Taking classes with Babies in Common’s fun, dynamic, energetic and engaging educators means you will laugh & enjoy your way to being a more empowered & prepared expectant parent! 


Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

When should I take prenatal classes?
Ideally, you'd start by week 28 and end around week 36.  Of course, sometime we do have people who are finishing later than that, but those dates are the ideal.  And ideally, people would sign up around week 15, to be sure your calendar is open enough to schedule your classes!

Are class fees per person or per couple?
Class fees are for one pregnant person and their non-pregnant birth partner (except for the CPR class, that one is per person).

What if the baby arrives early or I'm hospitalized due to preterm labor and miss a class? 
If your baby arrives early, you'll be refunded based on which classes you have already taken.  If you are hospitalized due to preterm labor but healthy enough to still participate in a virtual class, please do that. Otherwise, let us know and we'll refund you for the classes you are missing. 


Move & Get Comfy for Labor

This LIVE & interactive, hands-on workshop is for everyone having a baby. Great for first timers or as a refresher course for experienced parents. The instructors will demonstrate and help you practice numerous labor & birthing positions and practical hands-on comfort measures, techniques & strategies to reduce pain, manage anxiety and provide comfort and relaxation to yourself/the birthing person in labor. Essential for anyone planning an unmedicated birth or anyone wanting pain relief options before an epidural. Class is held in two, 2-hour parts: Part 1 is virtual (LIVE & interactive through Zoom) and Part 2 is either IN-PERSON in Northborough, MA or LIVE & virtual through Zoom. Choose the option that works best for you!  4 hours total. $170 per couple.



Awesome Birth Ready

Approach labor and birth with confidence and excitement by learning what to expect during childbirth in this class taught by an experienced OBGYN nurse who cares deeply about evidence-based, family-centered, “high touch-low tech” birthing care! You’ll get all the insider information you and your birth partner need to make the choices that are right for your family to achieve a safe, positive and empowering birth experience! Essential information for any birth plan or setting. A 3-evening series, LIVE and interactive online through Zoom, 9 hrs total: $225 per couple.

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Breastfeeding Ready

Get breast/chest-feeding and milk-making off to a great start with this essential feeding class taught by a nationally/internationally renowned lactation consultant, parent and professional educator! This class walks you through how to navigate the first month of your baby's life feeling supported and how to manage common lactation struggles. Soothing & preventing sore nipples, how to know when baby is getting enough milk, getting a good latch, hand expression, pumping, choosing breast pumps (with lots of pumps & gear to show!) and how to know when to call in a professional for help are also covered. Learn what feeding products you need (and don’t need) to be successful at reaching your feeding goals. A 1-time class, LIVE and interactive online through Zoom, 3 hrs, $90 per couple.

There may also be an in-person class available, you'll see that on the main page for this class, if it is available.


New Baby & Postpartum Ready

Inspired by the all-too-common new parent sentiment of “I only wish someone had told me what to really expect,” this class provides you with the information you need to make informed medical decisions for your newborn as well as how to thrive (and not just survive!) the first 12 weeks after birth. Learn all about skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping, perinatal mental health and physically recovering from birth as well as newborn sleep, bathing, soothing, swaddling, pacifiers, baby wearing, diapering and circumcision. A 1-time class, LIVE and interactive through Zoom, 3 hrs, $90 per couple.


Planning a VBAC?

For those planning for a vaginal birth after cesarean, we strongly recommend the Move & Get Comfy for Labor class.   

Pump & Bottle Ready

This class is essential for any person planning to introduce a bottle at some point to their baby. Designed for lactating parents who want or need to pump to provide their baby with human milk, whether it be exclusively or only for when separated for work or the occasional night out. Whether you are still pregnant, thinking about introducing a bottle to your baby or planning for your return to work after birth, this class is for you! This is a recorded, 2 hour, on-demand class.  $44 per couple. Grandparents also are encouraged to take this class.    Yes! I want to learn more!

CPR & Choke Saving Skills

Occasionally, we offer an in-person CPR & Choke Saving Skills course.  Anyone is welcome, whether a teenager, aunt or uncle-to-be, grandparent or grandparent-to-be or those expecting babies or who already have children.  It is NOT a certification course, but you'll leave feeling empowered to help people! $75 per person.
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You make the decisions.
Things certainly have changed as far as birth and baby care recommendations in the last 50 years!
Things certainly have changed as far as birth and baby care recommendations in the last 50 years!


  • Step 1: Click  YES! I WANT TO LEARN MORE! for any class above.
  • Step 2: Click YES! SIGN ME UP! 
  • Step 3: Click Sign up for the date you want
  • Step 4: Pay online with a credit card or PayPal

It’s that easy! 

Questions?  Just want to learn more about the classes?  Feel free to email Jeanette, the owner & one of the childbirth educators of Babies in Common.

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  • If you have MassHealth or are a Military family, you are eligible for a discount for our class packages or individual childbirth and prenatal classes, you'll find that information on the class packages page, link is in the purple button above.
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Jeanette, who teaches Move & Get Comfy for Labor and the Breastfeeding Ready classes.
Jeanette, who teaches Move & Get Comfy for Labor and the Breastfeeding Ready classes.
Melissa, who teaches the Awesome Birth Ready, the New Baby & Postpartum Ready and co-teaches the Move & Get Comfy for Labor classes..
Melissa, who teaches the Awesome Birth Ready, the New Baby & Postpartum Ready and co-teaches the Move & Get Comfy for Labor classes..