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Facebook Groups

There are several Facebook groups that have been created with YOU in mind. Explore below to see if one or more might be a good fit for you!

Please note, none of these groups are intended to replace a care provider for lactation support, mental health support, parenting support, etc. These are groups where you can find support from other parents as well as from the group administrator, Jeanette Mesite Frem of Babies in Common.  Some are intended to be for local folks, others invite folks from all over the world to join.  If your request to join hasn't been answered in a timely manner, please be sure to message Jeanette via the Babies in Common main Facebook page message center.

The main Babies in Common Facebook page. Go ahead and "like" the page and you are definitely invited and encouraged to COMMENT on the posts and SHARE the posts!!  Thanks!










parenting in common Facebook group    A group for those who have taken prenatal and/or childbirth classes with Jeanette Mesite Frem.

working moms group Facebook group      A group for working moms.

community share/sell Facebook group      A group for the Babies in Common community local to Central Massachusetts/MetroWest to share or sell pregnancy, parenting and baby items.

tongue/lip ties in common Facebook group       A group for parents whose child had or has lip or tongue tie (or they suspect they do). 

medical workers with pumping in common Facebook group      A group for medical workers who are pumping at work.

teachers with pumping in common Facebook group       A group for teachers who pump at work.

      A group for those who suspect or know that their baby has a tongue or lip tie and those who have recently had their baby's ties released.

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