Babies in Common is a community-based parenting company that provides prenatal and childbirth education, lactation and feeding support and organizes classes and workshops for parents in Central and MetroWest Massachusetts.


Address:  6 Maple Street, Northborough, MA 01519

Come in through the door at the end of the stone walkway.


Phone: 617-686-0052 (cell of Jeanette Mesite Frem, owner/director)

Fax: 833-229-2297 (833-BAY-BAYS)

Email:  jeanette@babiesincommon.com



What happens through Babies in Common? 

  • Childbirth and prenatal classes: birth, breastfeeding and new baby classes
  • Breastfeeding support, both groups and one-to-one consultations
  • Birth Circle events so those who have given birth or plan to give birth someday can listen to and share birth stories


The office of Babies in Common is located at 6 Maple Street, Northborough, Massachusetts

(inside Northborough Chiropractic Center).

BinC Office Couch and Sink Wide View


Lactation office with a super-comfy but supportive couch, great for trying different breastfeeding positions!

BinC office desk

Lactation office

BinC office wide view

Lactation office

Nboro classroom setup

Setup for a prenatal birth class


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