Helpful Breastfeeding Videos

I talk a lot with my clients about how to position a baby, where to rest your nipple before the latch, where baby's chin should be as he/she latches, where your hand should and shouldn't be as he/she these videos and try to help support your baby to open wide and get a mouth full of breast--it's called "breast"feeding, NOT "nipple"feeding, after all! If you feel like you are doing all of this (or having a hard time doing these techniques, or still having pain or milk supply issues or a fussy baby), it's time to call me or another IBCLC for help!

617-686-0052 is my cellphone and is my email.  Reach out if you need help!


Start at 2:55 for demonstration of how to do the actual breast massage and prenatal expression of colostrum.







These videos are informative but also so much fun!




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