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The Flange FITS™ Guide

Get the new and complete 2-page Flange FITS™ Guide in English by clicking on the purple button below:

The (complete) Flange FITS™ Guide, updated April 2023

If you'd like our Guide in other languages besides English, it's now available in many languages!

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If you are a parent and need additional help to find the best flange fit for you, please email to ask for names of professionals near you who have taken the Babies in Common workshop related to using this new guide and are ready to help (by having flanges with them for you to try!).  
If seeing someone in person isn’t possible or isn’t your preference, we also have professionals who can help virtually!  

We also offer prenatal breastfeeding classes and a class for parents and parent-to-be about pumping and bottlefeeding, so be sure to check those out (and share them with any friends who might be interested).

Breastfeeding Ready


If you are a professional working with pumping parents and are interested in learning more about how to support parents with pumping, using this “updated” way and to learn more about all the pumps and feeding gear on the market today, be sure to sign up for one of our courses/workshops:

Fitting Flanges for Pumping Milk: a New Approach

Pumping and Feeding Gear for IBCLCs

Pumping & Bottlefeeding for Perinatal Professionals