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Finding the Simple Joys

Categories: babies, miscellaneous, parenting, postpartum

February 18, 2013

author: Jeanette Mesite Frem
Ah, what a simple joy that is, being at the beach.  Allow that photo to be a teaser for the change of seasons that is coming.beach

Even though it's winter and your little ones may not even be quite old enough to enjoy winter sports (although building forts or making snow angels may be more their speed), how do you find the simple joys in every day although pregnancy and parenting can be challenging?

Here are a few things some parents wrote on our Facebook page when asked where they find the joy...

  • While rocking my 18 month old son to sleep tonight, just before he fell asleep he looked at me, smiled and whispered "mama".
  • I'm enjoying being a mom all over again. It's much different this time than when I was 16. I love the unconditional love and bind I gave with my girls and now [my son]. Nothing is better than being a mom...not even ice cream!
  • We just got through a sick 7 month old and a swaddle addict transition. It's been a rough week but I remind myself that when she is older and independent, these are the moments I am going to miss waking up at night to unstuff a nose or find a pacifier in the crib is not nearly as bad when you realize how very temporary it all is.
  • I enjoy the moments when I am lying on [my daughter's] playmat just watching her discover this world around her. I sit quietly and just take her in...I am pretty sure a smile is pasted on my face the whole time!
  • I love during diaper changing time when [my son] kicks his feet and giggles and laughs and smiles right at me as if he is thanking me for taking care of him. It it the one time when he is totally focused on me and we can just hang while he is on his changing table.
  • I love how every single night for almost 23 months, while nursing my daughter, I get to just stare at her and watch her fall asleep. And with my oldest its catching that random moment here and there where she just wants to snuggle and talk about her little life, I feel so honored.
  • The laughing when I do something that tickles his funny bone and the slobbery cheek kisses followed by the biggest smile!
  • What brings you joy?  Post your joys by commenting below.

I heard someone say the other day that the happiest and most successful people wake up full of gratitude.  Makes sense.  No ones perfect and of course there will be moments where we are frustrated, tired, overwhelmed or annoyed.  But coming back to a place of gratitude is important.  Grateful for what we have and who we have in our lives.  Simple.  Simple joys.

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