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DURING TIME OF THE COVID-19 VIRUS...there are now 2 options for feeding consultations:
  • video consultations, using a HIPAA-compliant video platform, or
  • for some families, an in-person consultation at the Babies in Common office, with appropriate screening and precautions.
  • in some cases where weight gain is of concern, a scale may be borrowed for a couple days (for local families who do a video consultation).
Ensuring the babies are feeding well is a priority for me (and all parents) AND the protection of your family and mine is also a priority.  Therefore, in addition to doing in-person consultations, I feel it's important to offer video consultations (and in today's technologically advanced world, we can do so very much with a smartphone or tablet).  These will be as long and as thorough as an in-person consultation except we won't be able to weigh baby (I do have one scale I could lend out for 24-72 hours per family, fully sanitized between families (with operating room-quality sanitizing wipes).  If pumping is part of the story related to low milk supply or painful pumping, I may be able to drop off carefully sanitized pump parts for families to use during a video consultation. A report to baby's care provider is included (and sometimes to the nursing/pumping/chestfeeding parent's care provider). And communication with me after the consultation is also included, as I have always done. 
Additionally, Massachusetts health insurance companies are stating that they will approve telehealth options, so we are trusting that those insurance companies that would have reimbursed you for these services will also do that for virtual consultations, if that's the option that is best for you.  If you have Aetna, they are saying that in-network IBCLC-lactation consultants like me can bill them for telehealth as well, so that is still an option for Aetna subscribers!
If you'd still prefer an in-person consultation, some families will be eligible for this option.  Some examples of this: families where a new baby isn't gaining weight well and assessing milk transfer is deemed very important, a parent who feels (after a virtual consultation) that hands-on latching help is needed, a parent who had a Cesarean very recently or parents who are unable to leave the house due to transportation issues.  These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.  Additionally, screening must be done.  Families must assess whether ANYONE in the house has a fever or symptoms of a contagious illness or known exposure to someone assumed to have COVID-19.  Your IBCLC-lactation consultant will also ensure that she is not feeling ill nor has fever and has taken precautions.  Your IBCLC-lactation consultant will carefully sanitize all items, wear gloves and a mask, etc. Many of the precautions she will take, she has always taken as they are normal precautions.  The mask and more use of gloves, however, are additional steps she will take at this time. These in-person visits will happen at the Babies in Common office in Northborough, because that is a controlled area that can be sanitized well between clients (including the door handle to the building and the office) and a sink is within the office for frequent washing.


If you are breastfeeding, chestfeeding, pumping, making milk or plan to, know that you have someone here to help! Yep, the proverbial “they” say that breastfeeding is natural but sometimes there are some major or minor bumps in the road to nursing or making milk successfully.  I’m happy to help whether in a prenatal class, over the phone, in a group or a private consultation.

Breastfeeding Ready, a prenatal class  A one-time prenatal class where, yes, you are strongly encouraged to bring your partner or close family member or close friend. This class, taught by Babies in Common's Jeanette Mesite Frem, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, will not only show you how to get breastfeeding and milk-making off to a great start (and what you can do prenatally to prepare) but also how to get through the first month feeling supported and what bumps in the road to look for. We'll talk about sore nipples, tongue-tie, colostrum, hand expression, breast massage for lactation, alternative feeding gear, pumping, choosing breastpumps (there will be many pumps to see and play with) and how to know when to call in a professional for help.  We'll also talk about what you need and don't need as far as products. What can be more fun that talking about boobs!?  Ask about the package price for taking more than one prenatal class.  There is also a discount if your health insurance is MassHealth. This class is almost more important for partners/helpers than it is for pregnant people!

Feeding Consultations I am passionate about helping parents achieve their goals related to breastfeeding, lactation, pumping, chestfeeding, bottlefeeding, weaning and just feeding in general. I nursed both of my children for more than two years each, have worked with thousands of families in some capacity over the years and am now an IBCLC/registered lactation consultant. Click here for details and scheduling an appointment. 

Mastering the Pump If you have questions about pumping and would like to try different pumps, flanges and learn hand expression and pumping tips and tricks, this session is for you! I've helped many people pump, which often results in yielding more milk (or faster) and more comfort (sometimes they thought they were comfortable and then tried different flanges and different pups and found surprisingly positive results that pumping could be MORE comfortable).  I don't sell pumps or flanges, this is a service I provide!   Click here to see more details and schedule the appointment

Basic Phone Support  As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), an experienced breastfeeding counselor, mother of two breastfed children and passionate advocate for infant feeding support…just message me via text first (without details about your situation, as texting isn't a secure communication form).  My number is 617-686-0052.  I’m happy to give you some suggestions at no cost over the phone (typically less than ten minutes). If I think you’d benefit from a private consultation with me for a more complicated or in-depth situation, I’ll let you know (not everyone needs this, some issues are simple resolved through phone support). If I think you or your baby would benefit from a consultation with a physician or other practitioner, I’ll also let you know.

Virtual Consultations  While an in-person consultation is best most of the time (we are wired for connection with other humans!), a virtual (video) consultation is the next best thing for some families. Or perhaps you need help NOW and don't want to wait for an in-person consultation. Or perhaps there's no lactation consultant available in your area and a video consultation is going to be the best way for you to get help. Let's talk first and find out whether a video consultation makes sense for your situation. We would use a HIPAA-compliant platform that works on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It's not perfect, but sometimes it does the trick! Click here for more information.

Breastmilk & Conversation Group  A feeding support group in Northborough..  Just $10.  Always check the Calendar (upper right-hand side of every page of this website) before you leave your house, in case there is a schedule change.  It usually happens often on Fridays at 11:30 am.  DURING THE SOCIAL DISTANCING TIME OF COVID-19, these will be done virtually using Zoom (which is NOT HIPAA-compliant, but an in-person group isn't either, in that if you say something about yourself in an in-person group, others will hear/see you). Click here for more information about this group.

More Milk Mamas Group  This occasional group, typically held on a weekend, is for those nursing a baby or child 5.5 months or an older nursing child and enjoying other foods (or those who are almost there...come ask questions!). Also in Northborough. Just $10. Always check the Calendar (upper right-hand side of every page of this website) before you leave the house. DURING THE SOCIAL DISTANCING TIME OF COVID-19, these will be done virtually using Zoom (which is NOT HIPAA-compliant, but an in-person group isn't either, in that if you say something about yourself in an in-person group, others will hear/see you).  Click here for more information.

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