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New Year, New Goals...for Parents?

New Year, New Goals…For Parents?It’s almost a new year. Everyone is thinking about what their goals for the new year are going to be. Are you? Maybe. Or maybe you have decided that new year’s goals are lame since most people drop them within the first 30 days. Then again, there’s something rather alluring about having Father Time telling us it’s a new phase of…
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How Do You Get Ready in the Morning?

How do you get ready in the morning?So two things happened in the last week that made me think about how moms get ready in the morning.One was a conference session at the MA Conference for Women  about finding balance as a mother.  Ten thousand women in one place with lots of speakers and vendors and breakout sessions (and the highlight of the day was hearing the founder of…
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Holiday Photo Challenge: Moms & Their Children

Holiday Photo Challenge: Moms and Their ChildrenI just read a fabulous article by a photographer about how she never wanted to be photographed because she felt she was too fat to be in pictures.  After a near-death accident, she realized that her family and friends wouldn’t have had any photographs of her to reflect on and she vowed to be in more photos.  She also realized…
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