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As people passionate about lactation, breastfeeding, chestfeeding, pumping, and human milk...we might enjoy products around our home, office, etc., that not only are fun, but also serve as a conversation piece! As you look through the items can click on one and then customize some of the products a bit more for your taste (sometimes changing the type of bag, type of mug, shape and cloth of pillow, frame of clock, etc). 
Additionally, it's important to know two things:
  • in order to see the products on our Zazzle store, you'll have to confirm that you are older than 13 (unfortunately, we haven't yet normalized breasts and lactation enough in the US...), and
  • you may need to create a Zazzle account to even access the product on their site (which is why I'm showing them here so you can see if you even want to do that).  

Have fun with these!