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Everyone has a right to know evidence-based information about pregnancy, birth, feeding babies and parenting and to have support available as they move through pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and the early parenting years. 
Sometimes, though, our decisions aren't based on "evidence", they are based on how we feel.  We think YOU should have all the information and options to make informed decisions for yourselves, while consulting the professionals, friends and family members that you trust most.

Babies in Common strives to provide education and support to help expectant and new parents feel ready to make informed decisions, use their voices and find support and community as they grow as parents. 

It's also fun to have a baby...and we try our best to help you find the fun in all of it!

In addition to prenatal and postpartum education and supporting families with feeding babies and pumping human milk, Babies in Common also provides IBCLCs and other perinatal professionals with educational offerings related to pumping and feeding gear. 

Pumping, plan to pump or work with pumping people? Get our Guide by clicking on the image below!