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breastfeeding & lactation

STOP Pumping & Dumping!

January 3, 2021
STOP Pumping & Dumping! "Pumping and dumping" is something  Read more

But They Said the Latch Looked Good (updated)

December 5, 2020
When someone tells you that your baby's latch looks good but you feel pain or baby isn't transferring milk, then maybe the latch isn't so good after all? It's important to consider several aspects of the latch and get help until you find it's better for you and effective for baby! Read more

Feeding Support Groups Update for 2018

January 28, 2018
author: Jeanette Mesite Frem   I’ve been thinking about changing up how I schedule my groups for a while now, listening to group members and those who wish they could come but haven’t, after lots of feedback, I’m excited to announce some changes to my Breastmilk & Conversation groups and my More Milk Mamas groups.    The update:  RSVP? Nope, not anymore.  Just drop-in.  I am… Read more

World Breastfeeding Week: Hope & Frustration

August 7, 2016
author: Jeanette Mesite Frem It was World Breastfeeding Week last week. World Breastfeeding Week was created to encourage global organizations and community organizations work together to improve sustainable development through the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding. I meant to post something last week but got busy helping babies with breastfeeding and watching and reading of all… Read more

But They Said the Latch Looked Good

January 21, 2015
author: Jeanette Mesite Frem How many times have you heard someone say "well, at the hospital they said his latch looked good" but yet the mom saying this is still having breastfeeding issues? I hear it all the time. In group. In private consultations. Online. It's an epidemic.   Did you know that hospitals are pressured by the department of public health to have high breastfeeding rates...what… Read more

A Boob and a Drawer

October 24, 2013
author: Jeanette Mesite Frem Have you ever heard of the expression, “all a baby needs is a boob and a drawer”? It’s so true, in so many ways. We spend so much time and energy trying to figure out what we need before baby comes (and after baby comes, what ELSE we need) but they really don’t require much. A boob, a drawer and I’ll add a village, too. A BOOBYes, one. The saying states “a… Read more


December 8, 2012
author: Jeanette Mesite Frem During our Nurture Me group* we talk about many things, including how mothers often feel like we’re not good enough, strong enough, [insert adjective-of-your-choice here] enough.  There are stories of how moms feel unqualified to speak up or ask questions when medical professionals are talking (down) to them (or AT them).  Some talk of feeling challenged or judged… Read more

For the Duchess of Cambridge (and all expectant mums)

December 4, 2012
author: Jeanette Mesite Frem NOTE: this was originally posted when Kate was expecting George.  Dear Your Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge (or Kate, as the world used to call you before you married that hottie the Prince): I heard you are expecting a baby…yup, the news got out that a) you had sex, probably more than once and b) you have been puking a lot lately. Funny how such personal… Read more

That's What Makes You Boob-i-ful

September 9, 2012
author: Jeanette Mesite Frem So, my family were randomly singing with One Direction that other day and came up with an alternative word in the chorus…instead of “that’s what makes you beautiful,” they said, “that’s what makes you boob-i-ful”.  So, that kicked off a little fun in creating a new song…imagine a baby singing it to his or her mother: Here’s you go (if you don’t… Read more