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I understand my baby's cues so why do I need to use sign language?

I understand my babies cues so why do I need to use sign language?GUEST POST by Sheryl WhiteOccasionally, I come across a parent that will tell me that they don’t need to use sign language with their baby because they are really in tune with and understand what their baby is trying to tell them. Here are a few of the points that I convey to them to help them understand why signing with…
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7 Ways to Make Travel Easier with a Little One

GUEST POST by Laura Clark, mother of Nora (age 2)When I was pregnant, it seemed that everyone who looked at my belly told me that my traveling days were over.  The prospect of spending the next eighteen years cooped up in my house after spending the majority of my adulthood traveling was simply depressing.  That, coupled with the fact that my husband’s job requires 50% travel…
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Parental Romance

It's Valentine's Day. If you are like most parents, if you made it out last night (or if you don’t live in New England you might be out tonight) you ended up talking about the kid(s). Especially if you spent the better part of the last two weeks in New England buried in 3-5 feet of snow. With more on the way. Hmm…that’s also Mother Nature’s way of ensuring there are…
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