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An Anesthesia Doctor's Wish: an Unmedicated Birth (guest post)

A guest post byRebecca Zanconato, MDBy the time I completed my first month of obstetric anesthesia training, I had concluded that every woman admitted to labor and delivery was a disaster waiting to happen.  No one ever specifically said this to me during any of my training, but in speaking with fellow residents I found that just based on our experiences in training we had all come to the…
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10 Bluntly Stated Tips Re: Visiting a New Mom (Guest Post)

A guest post by Nicole Glover, mom of five and lactation counselorDear every visitor who thinks of visiting a new mom in the hospital, 1. Don't. Seriously. Unless she texted or called and asked you to pretty please come and see her/them, don't. 2. Because she just gave birth. So basically she has stitches in her moo-cha-cha, and hemorrhoids hanging outta her arse and she's kind of a…
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