10 Bluntly Stated Tips Re: Visiting a New Mom (Guest Post)

A guest post by Nicole Glover, mom of five and lactation counselorDear every visitor who thinks of visiting a new mom in the hospital, 1. Don't. Seriously. Unless she texted or called and asked you to pretty please come and see her/them, don't. 2. Because she just gave birth. So basically she has stitches in her moo-cha-cha, and hemorrhoids hanging outta her arse and she's kind of a…
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Babywearing: local and online resources

Hi! It's been busy over at Babies in Common. Expectant parents. Babies. New parents. Massage. Cookies. Toddlers. But something changed recently. I asked Button Tree Kids in Worcester to take over the responsibility of being the babywearing hub of Central Massachusetts! I still have Tula Ring Slings, Sakura Bloom Ring Slings and Boba Wraps if anyone needs them, but otherwise, let Button…
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Mother's Day: a Time for Peace and Pride

I often wonder, as I hear all the ads on my local NPR station encouraging us to purchase flowers to be sent to our mothers for Mother’s Day, why flowers are involved. They don’t last very long. Why not potted trees…the symbolism is stronger there: the apple not falling far from the tree or how we are rooted in our families but yet branch out?We send cards and flowers to tell…
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