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Exploring Supplemental Feeders: Using Them and Talking About Them

As International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, we do our best to help choose the right tool for the situation and to help our clients feed their babies at-breast, at-chest or with their body. There are so many different types of supplemental feeders, it is good to know the differences between them AND know how to talk about them with our clients, to increase the likelihood they'll use them.  

Build Confidence with this Workshop

This workshop provides IBCLCs with information, techniques and suggested language to increase your confidence in using supplemental feeders with your clients.  Many supplemental feeders will be demonstrated and participants will be encouraged to share what they know and have experienced in their work with families related to pumping and feeding gear.

In this workshop, you'll...

  • understand the benefits and barriers of at-breast/at-chest or body supplementation,
  • know when it's appropriate and inappropriate to be suggesting supplemental feeders,
  • learn tips to make using supplemental feeders feasible and sustainable, 
  • know how to use the variety of supplementation tools (6 different options, possibly more), and
  • know how to use appropriate language (our words have power!) with our clients when discussing this method of supplementation.

This workshop is led by Johanna Sargeant, IBCLC, who has personal and professional experience with using supplemental feeders and has a high acceptance of use with her clientele in Zurich, Switzerland, where she resides and works. 

This is a 2.5 hour workshop, held online via Zoom. You are expected to have your camera ON and if your environment is quiet, to be unmuted to allow you to participate in the moment, as it's intended to be interactive!  

$85. Limited to 15 participants.  

This workshop is NOT recorded and participants are not permitted to record or take screenshots during the workshop. Thank you for understanding.

2 L-CERPs will be awarded to participants.


Tuesday, November 29, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm Eastern Time/New York Time 

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About Johanna Sargeant, IBCLC

About Johanna Sargeant, IBCLC

About Johanna Sargeant, IBCLC

Johanna is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, teacher and writer based in Wädenswil, Switzerland, working locally, nationally and globally. As an infant feeding, breastfeeding and lactation specialist, she sees the deep impact that infant feeding issues can have on new parenthood, and aims to smooth this transition as much as possible. 

She has been a presenter for a variety of international breastfeeding conferences, such as Gold Lactation Conferences globally, ELACTA conferences, iLactation, and the International Breastfeeding and Feminism Conference in the US.  She's also served as a panel member for the WHO’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Congress and enjoys writing for a variety of global magazines and journals, with a focus on maternal identity, breastfeeding trauma and grief, and at-breast supplementation. 

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