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Nurturing Parents and Babies

Lots of new moms groups out there but it’s finally time for a New Parent Group. This class is for all gender identities no matter if you call yourself mom, mama, dad, papa etc. Come alone or come with your partner!

It can be your 1st, 2nd or 3rd baby, or more! All are welcome.

Class will offer

  • Infant Massage Instruction each week
  • Check-ins on how parents are doing with lots of support
  • Discussions on many parent and baby topics, the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things!
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Bonding activities with Baby
  • Reiki to those interested
  • and More!

Nurturing Parents and Babies is a warm and inviting space where you will gain community, insights, and understanding.

You’ll learn developmentally appropriate activities to do with your baby, learn how to provide infant massage to your baby and discover how to nurture yourself as a parent.

Class is facilitated by Jill Vetstein LICSW, MSW, CEIS. Jill is a Clinical Social Worker, Infant Massage Instructor, Early Intervention Specialist, Developmental Specialist, Certified Infant Toddler Teacher and Energy and Reiki Healer.

Next session TBD


Nurturing Parents and Babies

Parents with multiple babies are welcome at no extra charge.

Co-parents are welcome at no extra charge.

Breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and bottle-feeding babies (human milk and/or formula) are all welcome!

Location: Babies In Common, 6 Maple Street Northborough, MA

You'll learn HOW to massage as well as precautions to take.  Infant massage is a skill every parent should learn and practice with their babies daily!  Infant massage:

  • enhances attachment between parent and baby
  • promotes relaxation for baby and parent
  • promotes better sleep for baby and parent
  • facilitates body awareness for baby
  • boosts immune system for baby
  • provides sensory stimulation for baby
  • can improve skin condition for baby
  • may improve blood circulation for baby
  • supports digestion for baby
  • balances respiration for baby
  • can provide relief for teething pains for baby
  • helps alleviate constipation for baby
  • helps parents learn about their baby's need and desires
  • helps build parents’ and baby’s self-esteem
  • promotes motor development for baby
  • stimulates a pain-relieving hormone called oxytocin for baby
  • empowers parents 

Additionally, reiki will be given to each parent, if desired, while they practice massaging their babies. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method utilized in top hospitals worldwide. It can be performed with hands-on or hands-off techniques and helps to balance energy within the body. Reiki energy is a universal life force that supports the body, mind, and soul in self-healing. The energy flows naturally to where it is needed.

Next session TBD. Email us if interested.

"I absolutely love that I don't feel alone now that I am coming to this class. I suffer from postpartum anxiety and depression and knowing others are going through what I'm going through really helps. The reassurance from Jill was helpful that what I'm doing is right, and what my baby and I are going through is normal. I liked the small group because I feel like I got to know the moms and dads very well. I like how Jill made adaptations to what she showed especially when my baby wouldn't sit still for the massages time but Jill showed me ways to introduce them when she's calm. I recommend this group to others!"
a- Group Participant.
"I always looked forward to class each week! I enjoyed learning massage, talking to the other parents, and socializing my baby. I found many things helpful such as Infant massage strokes, normalizing my experience as a new mom, helpful songs and toys to engage my baby. What I liked most about class was Checking in at each class - it was so nice to have a space to talk among others who “get it” without judgment.  I really can’t think of anything I did not like about this class! Jill does a great job about giving everyone space to share! I recommend this group to others for all the reasons I said above!"
- Group Participant


"We greatly enjoyed Jill’s stand-alone infant/parent course and are excited to learn more in the upcoming 6-week course! The flexible structure of the course created space for participants to both direct the flow of the session and share knowledge and wisdom with one another. We look forward to continuing to engage with Jill, learn additional techniques for caring for our 3-month old son and 3-year old daughter in tandem, and meet other families with young children."   
~ AR

"Jill’s class was a fantastic way to connect with other parents, learn more about how to connect with baby, and practice infant massage! I would highly recommend any new parent to sign up for this class. In just one session, we formed bonds and connections with other parents, learned fun activities to engage with our babe & learned some massage tools for helping out baby with digestion."  ~ RR

nur·ture - noun
1. the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.

Questions about group? Email

Jill Vetstein, MSW, LICSW, CEIS
Integrative Mental Health - Energy Psychology ( Children and Adults)
Emotional Energy Reiki Healings
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