10 Bluntly Stated Tips Re: Visiting a New Mom (Guest Post)

A guest post by Nicole Glover, mom of five and lactation counselor

Dear every visitor who thinks of visiting a new mom in the hospital, 
1. Don't. Seriously. Unless she texted or called and asked you to pretty please come and see her/them, don't. 

2. Because she just gave birth. So basically she has stitches in her moo-cha-cha, and hemorrhoids hanging outta her arse and she's kind of a hot mess right now. 

3. Because hot flashes after babies happen. Which mean she might not smell too good. Or DEF because she's not feeling too good. (Feeling good is relative after birth)(you feel good)(she has stitches). 

4. And seriously. If she had a c-section, go away. Really. Y'all--major abdominal surgery. Major. 

5. Plus she's probably trying to feed her baby. With her breasts. And it isn't an easy task right now. She needs 4 more hands, 17 pillows, she's trying to get the baby to eat and the baby has to learn too, everyone is crying and she needs you to stay home. 

6. With your kids. Because holy heck, your kids need to stay home. With their boogers, diapers, and energy. 

7. That she doesn't have to entertain you with. Because trust me, she feels like she needs to. Like it's her job. Like its her job with the stitches in all the wrong places and she can't even sit or stand easily. Not to mention, she needs to poop. 

8. Yes, I said poop. She needs to poop. And have you ever tried to poop with stitches in all the wrong places? No? Then stay home. 

9. Or better yet, drop by house with a casserole for her freezer, feed the dog, and leave after maybe washing her dishes. 

10. Keep in close touch, then wait for her to reach out to you. Then show up, get some baby snuggles, bring her lunch, offer a hand, and listen to her tell you her story, because trust me, she wants to share it. 

This message isn't applicable to everyone. But to most. Amen.


Thanks to Nicole Glover for this! What are YOUR thoughts? Did you love having visitors? What made having visitors hard or great?


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