Dads Whining on the Riki Lake Show

Dads Whining on the Ricki Lake ShowI just got a text that the topic of today’s Ricki Lake show today is dads. So I turned it on right away (I happened to be home). Ricki is interviewing a bunch of dads about about their Daddy Guilt, how hard it is to be a dad, how they miss life before they became dads, how they feel so alone, how they don’t love their kids all the time and how…
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They Really Do Grow So Fast

They Really Do Grow So FastSomeone once said, “kids grow…that’s what they do!”  It’s so true.  You literally wake up one morning and they are different. Sometimes it honestly looks like they’ve grown an inch during their 2-hour nap.  They add fat to their adorable little cheeks.  Their diapers suddenly don’t fit (ahem, the…
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Finding the Simple Joys

Ah, what a simple joy that is, being at the beach.  Allow that photo to be a teaser for the change of seasons that is coming.Even though it's winter and your little ones may not even be quite old enough to enjoy winter sports (although building forts or making snow angels may be more their speed), how do you find the simple joys in every day although pregnancy and parenting can be…
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