Parental Romance

It's Valentine's Day. If you are like most parents, if you made it out last night (or if you don’t live in New England you might be out tonight) you ended up talking about the kid(s). Especially if you spent the better part of the last two weeks in New England buried in 3-5 feet of snow. With more on the way. Hmm…that’s also Mother Nature’s way of ensuring there are…
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But They Said the Latch Looked Good

How many times have you heard someone say "well, at the hospital they said his latch looked good" but yet the mom saying this is still having breastfeeding issues?I hear it all the time. In group. In private consultations. Online. It's an epidemic. Did you know that hospitals are pressured by the department of public health to have high breastfeeding rates...what that actually means is that a…
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The Year in Review

It’s been a year since the last BinC blog post. That's sad. I kept meaning to write and did write down a bunch of blog topics (some of the titles were inspired by things said by moms and dads at BinC). There has been so much else happening this year and it appears that blogging wasn't a priority. In 2015, however, it's a new year and I hope thoughtful musings, answers to questions…
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