Agatha Christie Travels the World

Agatha Christie Travels the WorldI was listening to NPR while driving today (safer than texting while driving, right?) and the guest was Agatha Christie’s grandson.  He recently published a book with letters she wrote while she was traveling around the world with her husband.  He pointed out that she did this while she had a 3-year-old daughter that she left at home. …
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The View Today

The View TodayIt’s December.  And it’s time for a new start.  As the earth goes into hibernation I’ll get out of my head.  And let it flow on the pages of the blog.  I’ve wanted to do a daily blog for a long time.  I have been inspired by other bloggers.  Most recently, my dear friend Kimberly Amato finished 30 days of blogging with her…
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What Kai's Story Can Teach Us

What Kai’s Story Can Teach UsThere’s a little boy in our proverbial village, who I want to bring to your attention.  There’s a mom and a dad, too, and grandparents and many other family members and many, many friends who are thinking of little Kai every day, so I thought it might be good for you to think of him, too.Kai and Kerri, his mom, used to come to Mothers and…
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