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The Babies in Common Show is a FREE, recorded online "videocast" that is also made into a podcast.

Each week we focus on an important issue related to pregnancy, birth, lactation, newborns or parenting. 

Our goal is simple: to provide information and resources that will help you feel confident, informed and empowered to make the best decisions for your body, your birth and your baby.  While we will discuss some serious topics, our goal is to have light and fun discussion when appropriate—after all, you are having a baby or you are parenting a child and that is wonderful!

Let's be honest....during unprecedented time of pandemic #socialdistancing, none of us can go anywhere anyway! Let us be a community "for" you, even if we can't be there "with" you! And you don't even have to put on real pants! 

Your Hosts: two pregnancy, birth, lactation and parenting professionals of Babies in Common in Central Massachusetts.

  • Jeanette Mesite Frem MHS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE, CD
  • Melissa Anne DuBois RN, BSN, CCE, CLC
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Upcoming Show Guests

6/10 Cynthia Cohen, Director of Client Relations, Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast. Milk Banking: What You Need to Know About Donating & Receiving Milk

Cynthia’s expertise in human milk banking comes from her 7 years at Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast. As Director of Client Relations, Cynthia provides education and outreach to hospital and community organizations in over 12 states. Cynthia also manages all of the donor depots for Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast. Cynthia frequently presents to staff in both NICU’s and Well Baby Units. She is an expert in developing donor milk programs in hospitals of varying size. Her presentations cover the instruction and training of hospital staff on the use of human milk in both the inpatient and outpatient settings, screening of donors, processing of donor milk and the safety of pasteurized donor human milk.  Cynthia can also address how to inform families about the safety and benefits of donor milk for their infants. Cynthia is also the mother of triplet girls!

6/17 Dina Fraize, CPM, Homebirth Midwife.  Topic: Birth as a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Journey

6/24 Kelly Shultz, mother of two. Topic:  Tandem and Extended Nursing

7/1 Kimberly Amato, PT, CCE, CPR Instructor, Author of Out of the Darkness: Coping with an Recovering from the Death of a Child.  Topic: Childproofing.

7/8 Amy Brown, PhD. Professor, Researcher, International Speaker and Author of multiple books including The Positive Breastfeeding Book, Breastfeeding Unconvered and Why Starting Solids Matter and Informed is Best.

7/15 Julia Reznik, MD, functional medicine physician in private practice. Topic: Functional Medicine in the Childbearing Year

7/22 Alyssa Schnell, IBCLC, lactation consultant in private practice. Topic: Induced Lactation, Relactation, Improving Low Milk Production and Long-term Supplementation.




Preparing for labor, birth, breastfeeding, doulas and life with a new baby in the time of COVID-19.  Babies in Common's own Jeanette (left photo) and Melissa (middle photo) will discuss these topics with you and our guest in the inaugural episode!  Recorded Monday, April 6, 2020.

Our Guest is Shari McBurney, BCCE, BD, SBCPE (photo right).  Shari is a childbirth educator, member of the Boston Association of Childbirth Education leadership and certification team, very experienced birth doula and Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator. She is a powerful resource for parents and the birth professionals that support them, increasing access to evidence-based information to support participants in navigating the maternity care system from varying perspectives. You can learn more about her services at


Guests: Michelle Helgeson, CNM, MPH (photo left) and Marianne Pelletier, CNM (photo right). Both currently practicing midwives...Michelle works in a hospital and has worked over many years in many different hospitals as well as a birth center.  Marianne is a homebirth midwife who has many years of experience working in hospitals and a birth center. Recorded Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

What kind of screening might you encounter?  What restrictions are different hospitals putting in place as far as having partners with laboring parents, tubs, use of birth balls, walking around the hallways, using nitrous oxide, leaving the hospital sooner postpartum?  Is trying to switch to a homebirth a feasible option or not? How has birth changed due to the pandemic (hospital, home, birth center)? Marianne and Michelle have a combined 55 years of midwifery practice between them, in hospital birth, birth center birth and homebirth. 


Guest: Fiona Rea, IBCLC, private practice IBCLC in Wicklow County, Ireland (south of Dublin). Fiona is a childbirth educator and trains breastfeeding counselors all across Ireland. She has four children.  Recorded Monday, April 13, 2020.

Babies in Common's own IBCLC-lactatation consultant, Jeanette, and Melissa, breastfeeding counselor and nurse, will discuss these topics with you, along with our special guest. What is generally recommended for preparing for breastfeeding (prenatally)? What happens if baby is separated from the birthing parent after birth (for COVID-19 or any other reason)? What are some general guidelines for helping boost milk supply early on and help baby latch comfortably and gain well? And of course, your questions!

Join us as we talk with Johanna Mailloux, MD, a pediatrician in group practice in Lexington, Massachusetts, about taking care of a new baby. We'll talk about COVID-19 as well as other important things you can consider immediately after birth and beyond. Recorded Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

Guest: Joyce Kimball, MBA, CPM, RN, CCE, CD.  Joyce is a seasoned homebirth midwife as well as experienced birth doula, childbirth educator, and advocate for families. She's also president of the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance and mother of two.  Recorded Monday, April 20, 2020.

Join us as we discuss your legal and human rights related to pregnancy, birth and parenting! 

Guests: Chere Jalali is an experienced childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing instructor, yoga teacher and group fitness instructor. Bec Conant is a long-time  yoga teacher, meditation instructor, childbirth educator and Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator.

Recorded Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Guest: Heather Chiancola is a birth & postpartum doula and a Reiki II certified energy worker and holds a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics with a focus on pregnancy, lactation, and children’s eating patterns from birth to age 5.  Heather's website is  Recorded Monday, April 27, 2020.

Melanie Salort has practiced as a pediatric occupational therapist for 18 years.  For most of her career, she has specialized in the area of sensory processing both in clinical and teaching capacity.  In 2017, Ms. Salort  completed a fellowship in Infant Parent Mental Health and has a particular interest in supporting the parent/child relationship.  She works at sensory integration clinic in Newton Massachusetts as well as has her own private practice. Recorded Wednesday, April 29, 2020.


Join us talk with psychiatric nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife Jill Fieleke about what it really feels like to have PPD/PPA/OCD, why perinatal mood disorders are about more than just depression, how to get help, finding a therapist and taking medication that is safe for breastfeeding (and we'll answer your questions, too!). Recorded Wednesday, May 6, 2020.


Guests:  Linda Barrows, Heather Stanek and Chelsea Levine
Join us for a conversation about vaginal birth after cesarean, also known as VBAC. We will be joined by three moms who share their experiences learning about, preparing for and ultimately having a VBAC birth. We will discuss how to tell if your provider or hospital is truly VBAC supportive, the research on VBAC safety and obstacles you might face and how to overcome them!  Recorded Wednesday, May 13, 2020.


Kate Damon CNM
In 2015, Kate, a local hospital based midwife, was planning for a vaginal delivery of her first child. But her daughter stayed persistently breech despite all attempts to convince her to turn (including two attempted external cephalic versions!).  Join us as we talk with Certified Nurse Midwife Kate Damon about her personal and professional experience with breech babies, turning babies and planning a vaginal breech birth (episode 11).  Then we'll join Kate again for episode 12 to learn about how she made her cesarean birth experience a positive and empowering one (despite it NOT being the birth experience she had originally hoped for) and how she advocates and facilitates "family centered cesarean" experiences for the patients in her midwifery practice.   Both episodes recorded Monday, May 18, 2020.


Join us as we talk with our guests, Jenn Shark, CNM and Stephanie Lee Butler, RN about their personal and professional experiences of pregnancy and parenting after the age of 40.  We also discuss the pressure some experience to have more medical interventions and Cesarean births due to "advanced maternal age" and whether being older really does put people at higher risk or not.  Recorded Wednesday, May 20, 2020.


Guest: Justine Leach, PhD, CCE
Justine Leach is a childbirth educator and advocate for trauma-informed care. She left academia to cofound Resilient Birth after the birth of her two children made her realize the impact of past experiences on childbirth and the importance of attending to the emotional journey to parenthood. She believes that wherever and however you choose to give birth its important to feel seen, heard, and in control of the decisions you make about your care. Recorded Monday, May 25, 2020.


Guests: Amanda Jessee, RN, BSN & Amy Gallant, RN, IBCLC

Join us as we talk about what a postpartum visiting nurse does during a postpartum visiting nurse visit.  Our guests, Amanda Jessee, RN, BSn and Amy Gallant, RN, IBCLC, are will share with us why this type of visit is important and how to get one.  Recorded Wednesday, May 27, 2020.



Babies in Common #16:  Monday, June 1, 5:30 pm

Babies and Sleep: Pressure, Progression, and Practical Expectations
Guest: Teresa Stewart, MS, MPH, sleep consultant
Teresa StewartTeresa Stewart has 20 years experience educating, empowering, and supporting women and their families prenatally through their child’s adolescence. She is a child development specialist, maternal/ child health educator, family sleep consultant, first aid and CPR instructor, childbirth educator, and mental health advocate. She works with families, helping them to navigate the endless sources of information and to decide what works best for their family. All her work is grounded in child development, emotional well-being, and trauma- informed practices.  




NOTE: After this episode, we'll be recording videocasts on Wednesdays but without participants...we'll do interviews with our guests and publish them afterward.

Questions? Fastest way to get an answer is to TEXT Jeanette at 617-686-0052 or email


Your Show Hosts

Jeanette photo circle
Jeanette Mesite Frem, MHS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE, CD, SBCPE.  She is the owner of Babies in Common as well as the lead childbirth educator and IBCLC-lactation consultant.  She started her career in public health as a Peace Corps Volunteer, which began her passion for babies and their parents. She has taught prenatal classes in two different Massachusetts hospitals in the early 2000s and then started her private practice in 2006 (and was a birth doula for several years). She's a Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator and retired birth doula, as well.  She is the mother to two teenagers.




Melissa Anne DuBois, RN, BSN, CCE, CLC has been a nurse since 2006 and has worked in labor and delivery, high risk obstetrics, outpatient OBGYN and maternity/well baby settings. She currently works as a nurse with Embrace Midwifery, doing postpartum care visits for families who gave birth at home. She became a childbirth educator in 2011 and a lactation counselor in 2014. She is passionate about evidenced based maternity care, informed choice in childbirth and helping birthing people have positive and empowering birth experiences, whatever their birth plan or setting! She is the mother of 3 small children. 
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