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#66 Nurse Practitioners as Part of Your OB/GYN Care Team with Ketura'h Edwards-Robinson

Today we speak with Ketura’h Edwards-Robinson, a native Bostonian who is currently working in her home city as a Nurse Practitioner, primarily in the area of Women’s Health. One thing that makes Ketura’h special is that in the past year, Ketura’h trained to become a birth doula and is now serving clients in her community with Accompany Doula Care, a local doula agency that has developed a model of care where their doulas are reimbursed by the client’s health insurance, which is helping address health disparities.

Ketura’h  has served as a women's health nurse practitioner at the Suffolk county jail, a Primary Care clinical care manager, OB-GYN nurse and even a pediatric nurse. She also has experience providing acute treatment for patients experiencing substance use disorders and is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

During today's conversation, Ketura'h explains what a nurse practitioner is and how their expertise and scope of practice differs from other clinicians and she describes her path to becoming an NP.  She talks about what she loves about being a nurse practitioner and what aspects of OB/GYN care she does and doesn't do.

We talked with Ketura'h about her her training in breastfeeding and infant feeding and what led her to become a birth doula (and how she manages being a clinician while attending births as a doula).

We end our discussion with her providing listeners with several final words of wisdom for pregnant listeners.