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#7 Preparing for Your Postpartum Quarantine with Heather Chiancola, CPD

April 27, 2020

Join us as we talk with Heather Chiancola, a birth & postpartum doula and a Reiki II certified energy worker who holds a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics with a focus on pregnancy, lactation, and children’s eating patterns from birth to age 5.  Heather's website is Read more

#6 Movement & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth with Chere Jalali & Bec Conant, Yoga Instructors & Childbirth Educators

April 22, 2020

Join us as we talk with Chere Jalali, an experienced childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing instructor, yoga teacher and group fitness instructor and with Bec Conant, a long-time  yoga teacher, meditation instructor, childbirth educator and Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator.   Read more

#5 Choices in Childbirth with Joyce Kimballl, MBA, RN, CPM

April 21, 2020

We are joined today by Joyce Kimball, MBA, CPM, RN, CCE, CD.  Joyce is a seasoned homebirth midwife as well as experienced birth doula, childbirth educator, and advocate for families. She's also president of the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance and mother of two.  

Join us as we discuss your legal and human rights related to pregnancy, birth and parenting!  Read more

#3 Preparing for Breastfeeding During This Pandemic (and anytime) with Fiona Rea, IBCLC

April 17, 2020

Videocast 3: Preparing for Breastfeeding During This Pandemic (and anytime).  Join us as we talk with Fiona Rea, IBCLC, who is a private practice lactation consultant near Dublin, Ireland along with Babies in Common's own IBCLC, Jeanette, and breastfeeding counselor, Melissa. Read more

#4 Caring for a Newborn During This Pandemic (and anytime) with Johanna Mailloux, MD

April 16, 2020

Join us as we talk with Johanna Mailloux, MD, a pediatrician in group practice in Lexington, Massachusetts, about taking care of a new baby. We'll talk about COVID-19 as well as other important things you can consider immediately after birth and beyond.  Read more

#2 Labor & Birth in the Time of COVID-19 with Michele Helgeson, CNM, MPH & Marianne Pelletier, CNM

April 9, 2020

Our guests today are Michelle Helgeson, CNM, MPH and Marianne Pelletier, CNM. Both currently practicing midwives...Michelle works in a hospital and has worked over many years in many different hospitals as well as a birth center.  Marianne is a homebirth midwife who has many years of experience working in hospitals and a birth center. 

What kind of screening might you encounter?  What... Read more

#1 Childbirth & Prenatal Preparation & Doulas in the Time of COVID-19 with Shari McBurney, CCE, CD, SpBCPE

April 7, 2020

Preparing for labor, birth, breastfeeding, doulas and life with a new baby in the time of COVID-19.  Babies in Common's own Jeanette and Melissa will discuss these topics with you and our guest in the inaugural episode!  

Our Guest is Shari McBurney, BCCE, BD, SBCPE.  Shari is a childbirth educator, member of the Boston Association of Childbirth Education leadership and certification team,... Read more