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#21 Childproofing: It’s More Important Than You Think with Child Safety Advocate Kimberly Amato

Find out how the law and corporations influence child safety and what YOU can do to protect children. Join us as we go in-depth about childproofing--the practical recommendations, various quality brands, services you can find as well as how the law and corporations influence what is put on the market and what is recalled and when. You'll be surprised! Our guest is Kimberly Amato.  Kim is a physical therapist, CPR Instructor, retired Childbirth Educator and retired Birth Doula, founder of Meghan’s Hope, an organization to raise awareness of furniture tip-over and advocate for stronger furniture safety laws.  Author of Author of Out of the Darkness: Coping with and Recovering from the Death of a Child and Childproofing and Child Safety Advocate.  Kimberly lives in Central Massachusetts with her husband, with whom she does ballroom dance competitions and two almost-grown boys.  You can learn more about furniture tip-over on Kim’s website,