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#2 Labor & Birth in the Time of COVID-19 with Michele Helgeson, CNM, MPH & Marianne Pelletier, CNM

Our guests today are Michelle Helgeson, CNM, MPH and Marianne Pelletier, CNM. Both currently practicing midwives...Michelle works in a hospital and has worked over many years in many different hospitals as well as a birth center.  Marianne is a homebirth midwife who has many years of experience working in hospitals and a birth center. 

What kind of screening might you encounter?  What restrictions are different hospitals putting in place as far as having partners with laboring parents, tubs, use of birth balls, walking around the hallways, using nitrous oxide, leaving the hospital sooner postpartum?  Is trying to switch to a homebirth a feasible option or not? How has birth changed due to the pandemic (hospital, home, birth center)? Marianne and Michelle have a combined 55 years of midwifery practice between them, in hospital birth, birth center birth and homebirth.