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#1 Childbirth & Prenatal Preparation & Doulas in the Time of COVID-19 with Shari McBurney, CCE, CD, SpBCPE

Preparing for labor, birth, breastfeeding, doulas and life with a new baby in the time of COVID-19.  Babies in Common's own Jeanette and Melissa will discuss these topics with you and our guest in the inaugural episode!  

Our Guest is Shari McBurney, BCCE, BD, SBCPE.  Shari is a childbirth educator, member of the Boston Association of Childbirth Education leadership and certification team, very experienced birth doula and Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator. She is a powerful resource for parents and the birth professionals that support them, increasing access to evidence-based information to support participants in navigating the maternity care system from varying perspectives. You can learn more about her services at