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#60 The Medical Model of Obstetric Care with Bill Chun, MD

During this episode, we discuss the medical model of obstetric care, how to find an OB or other care provider that will support you in your goals for your birth, why doulas are such a key player in his work and why he recommends them so often and what has influenced the culture of obstetrics in the United States. Our guest today is Dr. Bill Chun.

Dr. Chun is a board-certified OBGYN in Woburn, Mass with over 30 years experience in medicine. Dr. Chun is a graduate of Ohio State University of Medicine and worked at Boston City Hospital (now Boston Medical Center) during residency.  He currently treats patients at his practice, Women’s Healthcare of Woburn, which is affiliated with Winchester Hospital. He has worked in communities north of Boston for over 15 years and is a leading provider of minimally-invasive robotic surgery in New England.

Dr. Chun is also a Korean-American immigrant who came to the United States when he was 12. On his own podcast, The Bill Chun Show, he shares the stories of his fellow immigrants with lively discussions centered on all the things close to his heart: life in America, parenthood, the US healthcare system, how to adapt to the challenges of our modern life, and the immigrant experience.

In 2019, Dr. Chun co-founded “Doc & Doula” which is a social media driven network of multidisciplinary, holistic healthcare professionals dedicated to taking the confusion and fear out of pregnancy and empowering soon-to-be and new parents with the knowledge and support they need to get expert care and live healthy lives.