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Everyone has a right to know evidence-based information about pregnancy, birth, feeding babies and parenting and to have support available as they move through pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and the early parenting years. 

Babies in Common strives to provide education and support to help expectant and new parents feel ready to make informed decisions, use their voices and find support and community as they grow as parents. 

It's also fun to have a baby...and we try our best to help you find the fun in all of it!

jeanette mesite frem with various pump flangesAre you pregnant, making milk or a supporter of parents who are looking to pump and bottlefeed? Then there's a class for you!

Let Milk Flow is a workshop about pumping and bottlefeeding, for parents (and parents-to-be) and their supporters*.  We'll talk about

  • when to start pumping (hint: depends on your situation)
  • choosing and using different pumps (there are 20+ on the market and we've got most of them!)
  • figuring out which buttons to push and how long to pump on which settings
  • which flanges work best for you (there are different sizes, shapes and materials)
  • milk storage and when to introduce a bottle
  • mixing bottlefeeding and nursing
  • exclusive pumping, if that's what you choose/need to do
  • which bottle nipple shapes and flow are optimal for babies
  • how to feed babies bottles (yup, there are updates you may not have heard about)
  • alternative ways to feed babies, 
  • planning pumping sessions if going back to work (and working with your child's daycare provider about bottles)
  • videos of real people pumping and bottlefeeding are included, and
  • all of your questions will be answered!

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*Who are "supporters"?  Grandparents (yes, there's updates on bottlefeeding and ways you can support your pumping family member!), breastfeeding counselors and educators, birth and postpartum doulas, nurses, nannies, infant care specialists, midwives...anyone who works with parents. 

If you are an IBCLC, though, there's a special workshop for you called Pumping & Feeding Gear for IBCLCs--slots are filling fast so click here to sign up today...