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#46 Untying Breastfeeding: Talking About Tongue Ties with Yasmin Effath, MA, IBCLC, BCST

Recorded Wednesday, January 6th, 2021.

Our guest today is Yasmin is an IBCLC-lactation consultant in private practice in Mumbai, India.  Yasmin is also a biodynamic craniosacral practitioner, international speaker and filmmaker.   

During this episode we learn more about what inspired her to make her film, Untying Breastfeeding, and we talk about tongue ties, breastfeeding support, care providers' role in supporting breastfeeding and tongue tie release and much more.

Untying Breastfeeding is a a 59-minute documentary which investigates the narrative of the women who navigate through significant breastfeeding challenges due to the congenital birth anomaly called Tongue Tie and trace the arduous process of them encountering medical professionals who often have a dismissive, denigrative or prescriptive approach.  The narrative is juxtaposed with 16 experts from across the world who share the latest understanding/research about various factors about the apathetic factors and events that sabotage birth and breastfeeding.  These factors and events potentially have life-long implications for the health of humankind.

To watch the film yourself, as individual, you can stream it at home for just $5...

There's another option to rent it to show to other professionals, see her website (above) for more information.

After listening to our show today, if you’d like to learn more about her and the film she made,
please visit her website,