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#11 Breech Presentation, External Cephalic Version & Planning a Breech Vaginal Birth with Kate Damon, CNM

In 2015, Kate Damon, CNM, a local hospital based midwife, was planning for a vaginal delivery of her first child. But her daughter stayed persistently breech despite all attempts to convince her to turn (including two attempted external cephalic versions!).  Join us as we talk with Certified Nurse Midwife Kate Damon about her personal and professional experience with breech babies, turning babies and planning a vaginal breech birth (episode 11).  Then we'll join Kate again for episode 12 to learn about how she made her cesarean birth experience a positive and empowering one (despite it NOT being the birth experience she had originally hoped for) and how she advocates and facilitates "family centered cesarean" experiences for the patients in her midwifery practice.