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#43 Baby Sign Language with Sheryl White

Recorded on  Wednesday, December 16th, 2020. 
Our guest today is Sheryl White, a well-known baby sign language teacher in our area.  She’s also a certified infant massage instructor, Reiki Master and also received training in her father-in-law’s program, Dr. Burton White’s ‘New Parents as Teachers’ based on his book the First Three Years of Life. 

Sheryl has been teaching classes to parents, teachers, professionals and caregivers since 1999. Her role in the classes is to facilitate and help strengthen the relationship between an infant and their caregiver. She used baby sign language with all three of her children!

She has appeared in the business anthology "Expert Profiles" and dozens of media outlets including CBS Boston, The Boston Globe, Massage Magazine, MetroWest Daily News, School Library Journal (A national magazine) and many more.

During today's Show, we ask Sheryl 

~  how she got started with baby signing
~  why she teaches American Sign Language to babies instead of made-up signs.
~  what research says about the effect of ASL in regards to accelerating spoken language?
~  when the best time to start signing with your baby is and what if a family is already using more than one language at home
~  how teaching baby sign today compares to 20 years ago
~  to share one of her best success stories
~  to share her favorite sign
~  what other things she weaves into her classes 

You can find information about Sheryl and her offerings at