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PFG Monthly Calls


You've attended the Pumping & Feeding Gear for IBCLCs Workshop.  And you want more. You want to hear updates about specific topics or pumps or new products. You want to hear from others about what they've found since attending the workshop. 

NOTE: As of August 2022, Monthly Calls have been moved to our Facebook group and are only accessible in there (and are free and unedited).  However, there is a lot of great content included in past Monthly Calls, see below!

These Replay Calls are for your eyes only and you will only have access for three months after the recording is published.   The fee for each Replay Call is $15.

Please note, that only those who have taken the Pumping & Feeding Gear for IBCLCs Workshop are eligible to attend Monthly Calls.  

Past Monthly Calls 

NOVEMBER Topics: Jeanette's meetings/tours with Ardo and Medela and the new Ardo pump, the Alyssa.

DECEMBER Topics: The Lacteck 4.0 flanges, a "hack" to put the Lacteck flanges into a wearable pump tunnel, the Imani wearable pump, the Lacteck Pump2Baby system, the Milkies-to-Go milk catcher and milk-catching in general, some silicone milk storage bags, the Elvie wearable pump, the Willow wearable pump, the new type of Medela connectors/backflow protectors and valves, using the old type of Medela connectors on the PISA with MaxFlow and how that affects vacuum level

FEBRUARY Topics: Back to Mom nipple shield, Ceres Chill Shield Maiden nipple shield, Lilu pumping bra, Bottles: Heben, Potato, new & old Avent Natural, Munchkin Latch, Haakaa Glass & Haakaa Silicone, Pumps: Unimom Opera, MomCozy, Imani, Medela Sonata, Cimilre S6+, BellaBaby, Zomee, Limerick's CJ's Comfort, Motif, Hacks for using pump parts on various pumps, Silicone flange inserts, Freemie's new SlimFit flanges

MARCH Topics: Various inserts (11 of them!), Primo-Lacto Colostrum Collection Tool, Dr. Brown's pump, Pumpables Liquid flanges, Freemie SlimFit5 flanges, Limerick flanges and pumps, Symphony vs. Spectra

APRIL Topics:  the Legendairy Duette pump, the Ninni & Co pacifier (with videos of 3 babies suckling on it), the Frida medicine pacifier and alternative uses for it, two Zomee pumps, using Maymom Kits with other pumps, creative use of BeauGen cushions, discussion re: UV light sterilization and the InstantPot as a sterilizer and steaming vs. boiling, a brief discussion of the new WillowGo (without video of it) vs. the Willow, and comparing and using inserts.

MAY Topics: Willow Go, Elvie Stride, MomCozy M1, MomCozy S12 and more.

Now Monthly Calls are done for FREE inside the PFG group on Facebook...

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