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In an effort to make my educational presentations as dynamic and specific as possible, in an effort to normalize breastfeeding, in an effort to show best practices for alternative feeding methods (formula, bottle, tube feeding, supplemental nurser systems, etc.), in an effort to provide inspiration and support to families...I'm looking for photos and videos that I can use in my educational and marketing materials.  I'd be SO very appreciative of any photos or videos you can share with me that I can use in making a meme, share on social media, include in a slideshow, a poster, on my website, marketing materials, etc.

If you are allowing me to us a photo of you/your baby/your partner/a photo you took...I need a release form completed.  There's a link below that leads to a fillable form is for use by those willing to send photos/videos to Jeanette Mesite Frem for my use (see link for more details).  You can also email photos to as attachments after you complete the form below (orange link to form that is fillable online).

Click on the button below to open a fillable photo/video release form.  See below for a list of photos I'm searching for...

Thank you sooo much!

Fill Online

Photos/Videos I'd love to have...

for use on my website (and any future websites I might create related to birth/breastfeeding/lactation/feeding/parenting), in presentations for any teaching I do (for professionals, parents, etc.), advertising and marketing, including social media.  Your name will not be included (unless you want me to include it on the photo or with it). If you would like me to blur out a face or crop something, let me know.

  • laboring at home
  • laboring in hospital
  • laboring in tub
  • birth photos
  • placenta photos
  • placenta art
  • nursing newborn in first hour of life
  • nursing baby (different positions)
  • nursing older baby
  • nursing toddler
  • nursing two babies at once
  • nursing a younger baby at same time as older child
  • child drinking human milk from cup
  • baby drinking from a bottle
  • human milk in a bottle, freshly pumped or defrosted
  • human milk in a bottle, showing the layer of cream on top that happens after refrigeration
  • pouring human milk into a bottle from a milk storage bag or other container
  • before baby latches (with nipple near baby's mouth and with nipple under baby's nose)
  • right after baby latches
  • nipple immediately after pumping
  • nipple with yeast infection
  • nipple with bacterial infection
  • nipple with vasospasm color changes.
  • nipple immediately after nursing with the classic "lipstick" shape, which indicates a feeding issue
  • tongue tie and lip tie (before and after release photos) are also needed!!
  • spraying milk out of nipples on video would be awesome, too!  
  • nipple damage
  • bleeding
  • milk blister
  • mastitis
  • infected montgomery gland
  • flat nipple
  • inverted nipple
  • scarred nipple from nipple ring
  • large nipple
  • small nipple
  • double nipple
  • bifurcated nipple
  • nipple and areola after reduction surgery
  • hand expression
  • mastitis 
  • accessory breast tissue (engorged on/near armpit)
  • damaged nipples
  • milk blisters/blebs
  • large nipples
  • small nipples
  • long nipples
  • flat nipples
  • inverted nipples
  • leaking milk from nipples
  • breast with silicone pump attached with some milk showing
  • nursing while babywearing
  • bottlefeeding while babywearing
  • using a supplemental nursing system/tube feeder
  • finger-feeding
  • drinking alcohol while nursing (face doesn't need to be included)
  • partners feeding baby with bottle, finger-feeding or tube-feeder at chest
  • nursing in public
  • a partner doing skin-to-skin
  • a partner tasting human milk
  • frozen milk in a bag
  • defrosting milk in a mug
  • pets and babies
  • a handful of supplements for increasing milk supply
  • pumping set-up ready-to-go
  • pumping stuff immediately after pumping
  • snacks and drink next to pump
  • pumping set-up at work (showing a bit of pumping room)
  • photos of pumping rooms at work
  • photos of kids pretending to nurse (using dolls or toys)
  • photos of kids pretending to pump (using pump parts or other toys)
  • oh, and different colors...not only of the nipples are areola but on diverse breasts! Women of color make milk, too!
  • Photos and videos of breasts in late pregnancy (with veining and darkened areolae)
  • photos and videos of nursing babies, pumping breasts, hand expression, babywearing and nursing, babies sleeping, babies awake, babies yawning, babies smiling, etc. All photos and videos are needed from a diverse perspective and diverse group of people: people of all colors, gender identity, sexual orientations, etc.
  • ...use your imagination!
Thanks for helping me make my website, educational presentations, marketing/advertising and social media more interesting to look at!!! So very appreciated!
P.S. of course, please share a link to this page with your friends!!
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