Breastfeeding Ready


Classes will be held at 6 Maple Street, Northborough, MA. Click here for details.

Why Take This Class?

Breastfeeding Ready was created to be an entertaining and thorough class that talks about the best ways to establish the best nursing relationship with your baby, starting at birth and even before baby arrives. You're on this page looking for a breastfeeding class, which means you must already know the benefits of breastmilk. But, there's so much more to know, though, so register for class as soon as possible! Ideally, you'd be done with all prenatal education classes by your 36th week of pregnancy.

What is Included in Class?

In Breastfeeding Ready, we'll discuss:

  • what you want to know
  • how to start your nursing relationship off to the best start at birth
  • how to prevent and treat some of the most common issues that come up in the early weeks of nursing a new baby
  • hand expression of colostrum and milk: when, how and why
  • positions for nursing (there's a baby doll here for you to practice with)
  • demonstrate the use breastpumps, too (don't worry, not on real breasts...although if you want to volunteer...just kidding!).
  • how to work with your care providers to ensure breastfeeding and lactation are supported, even if your baby isn't gaining enough weight or you need to take medication.
  • how partners and others can get involved (and ideally at least one person who will be with you in the days and weeks after your birth will come to class, too!).
  • how to get through the first days and weeks feeling supported
  • sore nipples, colostrum and milk expression, tongue-tie, pooping and peeing (the baby, not the parents), pumping, choosing breastpumps
  • when to call in a professional (and who to call)
  • what you need and don't need (products)
  • what you can drink and eat while making milk
  • storing milk and how to use a breastpump (don't worry, we won't practice on real breasts...although if you want to volunteer...just kidding!). 
  • what you need and don't need, as far as breastfeeding and pumping accessories
  • alternative methods of feeding babies when breasts aren't working well or aren't available
  • getting safe sleep (and finding sleep) when you live with a nursing baby
  • Improving milk production and breastfeeding with your baby through skin-on-skin time and playtime
  • Improving milk production and breastfeeding through babywearing
  • And you'll receive a link to a generous selection of reading materials and videos just for class participants!
  • Bonuses just for class participants.
  • Remember, talking about boobs is fun!

Who & How Much?

Limited to just 7 couples (minimum of 3).  What is a "couple"?  Typically, it's two people (one pregnant, one non-pregnant support person).  As far as this class goes, if you are expecting a baby (giving birth, adopting or co-parenting and plan to breastfeed), this class is for you and one support person (partner, relative, friend) who will be helping you care for the baby after his/her arrival! HOWEVER, if you'd like to bring a grandparent-to-be along, please do (in addition to your partner/other support person).

This is a one-time class, 2.5 hour class

$75 per couple

There will be light snacks here as well as coffee, tea and other drinks.

Upcoming Classes

 All classes run from 6:30 - 9:00 pm

 NOTE: If you would like to register for a package deal email to let her know which class dates you would like. Until you hear back from her to confirm there is space in the classes you want, you are not confirmed. 

About the Teacher

jeanette with fake breastThis class is taught by Jeanette Mesite Frem, mother of two, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant/Registered Lactation Consultant, experienced birth doula, certified childbirth educator, childbirth educator trainer, public health specialist, certified nursing bra fitter, moms group leader and former owner of a local maternity and parenting center.

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