Breastfeeding & Lactation

If you are breastfeeding or making milk or plan to, know that you have someone here to help! Yup, the proverbial “they” say that breastfeeding is natural but sometimes there are some major or minor bumps in the road to nursing or making milk successfully.  I’m happy to help whether in a prenatal class, over the phone, in a group or a private consultation.

Basic Phone Support

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), an experienced breastfeeding counselor, mother of two breastfed children and passionate advocate for breastfeeding when possible, I offer breastfeeding support…just call! I’m happy to give you a couple suggestions at no cost over the phone (typically less than ten minutes). If I think you’d benefit from a private consultation with me for a more complicated or indepth situation, I’ll let you know (not everyone needs this, some issues are simple resolved through phone support). If I think you or your baby would benefit from a consultation with a physician or chiropractor, I’ll also let you know.

Phone/Video Consultations

While an in-person consultation is sometimes needed, some issues can be helped by a phone or video consultation. Or perhaps you need help NOW and don't want to wait for an in-person consultation. Or perhaps there's no lactation consultant available in your area and a phone/video consultation is going to be the best way for you to get help. Let's talk first and find out whether a phone/video consultation makes sense for your situation. We would use a HIPAA-compliant platform that works on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It's not perfect, but sometimes it does the trick! Click here for more information.

Private Lactation Consultations

I am passionate about helping moms achieve their goals related to breastfeeding and lactation. I nursed both of my children for more than two years each, have worked with several hundred mom-baby pairs as a breastfeeding counselor since 2004 and am now an IBCLC/registered lactation consultant.  Click here for information about the lactation consultations I offer via phone/video, your home.  If I am not available, I will give you names and contact information of trusted colleagues.

~~~~~~~BRING BABY TO CLASS OR GROUP~~~~~~~~~~~

Milk Harvest class...a one-time class, 3 hours, $110

This is a class you can take after baby arrives (and baby is welcome to attend) that goes over boosting your milk supply, pumping and going back to work. Whether you need to increase your supply or just want to know how to pump more comfortably and effectively, this is a comprehensive class with lots of practical tips. If you have a low milk supply and want to increase it so you can stop supplementing, it’s probably best to have a lactation consultation with an IBCLC (Jeanette or one of her colleagues) but this class is a great addition to that (or great start).

Breastmilk & Conversation Groupa feeding support group sometimes in Worcester and sometimes Northborough.  Just $10. Best to RSVP and always check the Calendar before you leave the house (although if you RSVP then you'd receive a notification if anything changes!)

More Milk Mamas...This weekly group is for those nursing a child who is older, mobile and enjoying other foods (or those who are almost there...come ask questions!). Sometimes in Worcester and sometimes in Northborough. Just $10. Best to RSVP and always check the Calendar before you leave the house (although if you RSVP then you'd receive a notification if anything changes!)

~~~~~~~PRENATAL CLASS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Breastfeeding Ready, a one-time prenatal class, 2 hours, $75 per couple (yes, partners are strongly encouraged to attend!)

This class, taught by me, Jeanette, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, will not only show you how to get breastfeeding and milkmaking off to a great start (and what you can do prenatally to prepare) but also how to get through the first month feeling supported and what bumps in the road to look for. We'll talk about sore nipples, tongue-tie, colostrum expression, pumping, choosing breastpumps and how to know when to call in a professional for help.  We'll also talk about what you need and don't need as far as products. What can be more fun that talking about boobs!?  Ask about the package price for taking more than one prenatal class.  There is also a discount if your health insurance is MassHealth. This class is almost more important for partners/helpers than it is for pregnant people!