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Midwives have been catching babies for hundreds of years, but of course, even before that, traditional birth attendants care for families during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Midwives are trained and experienced in normal birth and in referral to physicians for high-risk situations. Some people need an obstetrical physician for their care. Most don't, so it's worth investigating.  There are different options:

  • hospital-based midwives, Certified Nurse Midwives, who are the midwives you'd find catching babies in hospitals.  Additionally, there are physicians available immediately if things change in your labor/birth/postpartum, so some high-risk families may be able to have a midwife AND a doctor, where needed
  • birth center-based midwives, also Certified Nurse Midwives.  There are three birth centers in Massachusetts, for example, two that are connected to hospitals (and their policies and procedures are dictated by the hospital obstetrical and administrative staff) and one that is an independent, midwife-owned birth center.
  • home birth midwives, most often Certified Professional Midwives, who are trained in low-risk, normal, physiologic birth.  They most often catch babies at home but sometimes must refer to hospitals if a high-risk situation evolves.

Midwifery care around the world is the standard. In the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands, midwifery care is standard.  In the US, midwifery care is growing but fewer people seem to know about the option.  We think it's a wonderful option for many families to consider!

Homebirth Midwifery

Birth Centers

Hospital-based Midwifery (Certified Nurse Midwives)

  • AFA OB/GYN Midwives at Emerson Hospital, 978-371-1396
  • Reliant Medical Associates at Worcester Medical Center, 508-368-3110
  • Atrius Health Midwives at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, 781-431-5429
  • Midwives of Mount Auburn Hospital, 617-499-5130
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