For Dads

A note for Dads from Jeanette (owner of Babies in Common and BinC's childbirth educator and lactation consultant).

Hey, Dads…ever wonder what you’re supposed to expect when she’s expecting? 

Ever wish that all those other guys who are are already dads would share some wisdom with you instead of always talking about the Celtics and the Red Sox or telling you "just don't look south during the birth"? 

Well, there’s a movie that was made by dads for dads. And part of it was filmed at the Cask 'n Flagon next to Fenway Park!

This movie is also a GREAT date night movie for you and mom-to-be. Go for it, get dinner and THIS movie. 

Hear other dads and a few experts in the field of pregnancy, birth and parenting describe the process of becoming a dad.  It’s called Being Dad…you’ll love it. I promise.

Turns out that my good friend and childbirth educator Chere Jalali and I are in the movie! My friend (and fabulous midwife at Mt. Auburn Hospital) Mary Baker, is also featured in the movie.
Watch the movie trailer for Being Dad…prepare to be entertained and forward it to your friends and family!

Like the trailer? You can stream it via Amazon Prime by clicking here!

And this is our funny friend Troy (from Being Dad) wearing an empathy belly around the city...ya gotta see this!

And here's an eBook I co-authored with one of the Being Dad co-creators.

Being Dad Pregnancy Guidebook