VBAC Ready

Are you interested in having a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) or even feeling really committed to having a vaginal birth this time around?  Finding out all the ways that will increase your likelihood for success is vital before one goes into labor.

Many parents who are planning a VBAC find that taking the Move & Get Comfy for Labor class works for them.  It's a fun and practical outing for you and your birth partner full of positions, moves, massage and techniques to help you in labor and during the actual birth. 

Additionally, adding the Spinning Babies Parent Class adds in key information that can help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy but also help your pelvis and uterus have more room to support baby getting into their optimal position for birth.  Find out more about that class here.

Some VBAC candidates and their birth partners like to add another hour or two (on a different day) of private class time with Babies in Common childbirth educator and experienced VBAC doula Jeanette Mesite Frem (or just chat with me after class or via phone).  The extra time allows you time to talk about your last experience, find out what you can do differently for your specific situation and discuss what your trigger points might be and how to prepare for success.  Partners are a big focus of all the classes at Babies in Common and private childbirth education allows for customization to your needs.


If you'd like to take BOTH classes, there's a package deal, see this page for information.