Class Packages

You are expecting a baby and want to learn as much as you can before their arrival. Smart. And I have spent my whole adult life learning about babies and birth and parenting and breastfeeding and want to share that info with you can make the decisions that feel best for you. It's not about what I think, it's about sharing information with you so you can decide.  The first decision (after deciding to come to this webpage) is which classes to take at Babies in Common.   ~ Jeanette Mesite Frem, childbirth educator, lactation consultant and owner of Babies in Common

Ideally, you'd take all of the classes that Babies in Common offers.  Why? Because information is amazing and you want to have it all!  If you take all the classes and read the bonuses you'll receive, you'll learn all the information that a hospital class would cover plus lots more time and emphasis on natural pain coping techniques such as positions and movement, massage, advocacy, deep breathing and relaxation in preparation for labor and birth. I know that flexibility is key in birth and sometimes medication, interventions and even surgery are needed so we'll talk about strategies to help you decide whether to choose/accept them, how to reduce the risks and side effects that can come with these things, as well as how to enjoy your birth even if it doesn’t end up the way you planned.

Additionally, the content of my classes, including the bonuses, includes much more than a hospital class (I actually used to teach at two hospitals).  I’m also an experienced doula so I’ve attended over 100 births at many different hospitals and seen how flexible and creative (and sometimes not–so-creative) providers can be.  As an independent childbirth educator, I don’t have to tell you certain things and omit others.  I can tell it like it is and encourage you to work with your care providers to communicate well and ensure you’re on the same page before, during and after your birth.  It’s YOUR birth, after all, and they work for you! Everyone wants you and your baby to be healthy, of course, but there are different ways to get there. 

  BONUSES:  When you take classes with Babies in Common, you may also receive, depending on the classes you take:

  • A book about birth plus LOTS of recommendations for books and websites that are Ah-mazing for you!
  • A generous selection of reading materials, which will be available for download from a private webpage just for class participants
  • An mp3 of a progressive relaxation I've recorded for my birth you can practice at home.
  • Some other bonus items you'll receive in class, but some of those I keep secret. Because who doesn't like presents?

Everyone is welcome to ask me for...

  • Assistance with conceptualizing and writing your birth plan or ask my opinions on gear for birth, baby and breastfeeding (I used to own a maternity and parenting store, ya know, I know a thing or two!)
  • My daytime/evening availability to you via via phone, text, WhatsApp and email (at no additional cost) to help you talk through any issues during pregnancy and early labor (in-person private consultations can be arranged for a fee).  Note: if you’d like someone to talk with you and help you during all parts of labor and at all hours, it’s best to hire one of my “doula sisters” as your doula. I’m happy to give you referrals to many other wonderful doulas so you find the perfect fit for you! Click here to find a list of doulas and many other people you might want to work with!
  • Fell free to call me for brief support after you have your baby related to baby care and breastfeeding support. If issues warrant a lactation consultation, I will let you know.
  • Ongoing communication with me, if you need it or want it–I’m happy to support you as you get more comfortable with being a parent! Text me! ;)

Do health insurance companies reimburse for these classes?

Some insurances also reimburse for birth and newborn care classes, you'll be given a special receipt/proof of attendance after you finish all your classes to submit to your insurance company to request reimbursement. Call your insurance for details. It's more expected that a prenatal breastfeeding class like Breastfeeding Ready would be reimbursed than the other classes, but it depends on your plan.

What if I'm on MassHealth or WIC or me or my partner are active-duty military?

If you are on MassHealth, WIC or either parent is active duty military, I offer discounts on my packages (that's IN ADDITION TO THE package prices, so it REALLY encourages you to take ALL the classes!!).

  • 60% discount for those on the WIC program (enter WICPKG as your discount code and send a photo of your WIC card)
  • 40% off for MassHealth subscribers (enter MASSHEALTHPKG and send a photo of your MassHealth card to
  • 20% discount for military families (if either parent is active duty, I am an Army Brat myself!, just enter MILITARYPKG and send a photo of your active duty military ID)



I am happy to talk with you about the classes before you decide whether to register.  Call me at 617-686-0052.  Thanks!Note: Refunds are available if you have your baby before you can attend a class, of course, but they will be prorated based on the classes you have taken. 


There are several ways to get ready for your baby's arrival with the help of classes from Babies in Common.