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Pumping and Feeding Gear...a workshop for Health Professionals

Explore various breastpumps & learn how to support your clients in choosing and using pumping and feeding gear.

If you work with families having babies, you've heard about different pumps, flanges, nipple shields, alternative feeding products and more...there are always new things coming on the market and it's hard to keep up. 

How can you support families in making choices that make the most sense for their situation if you don't know how the items work, how to make them work better for your clients or what the new gear on the market can do for your clients? You can be sure you have more information by joining this workshop!  

What is the Pumping & Feeding Gear Workshop?

This hands-on workshop is intended to provide health professionals with the information, tools and techniques they should have to provide practical support to families who are pumping and/or feeding infants.

This is a 4-hour workshop led by Jeanette Mesite Frem of Babies in Common, who is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) experienced in doing flange fitting and pumping sessions with milk-making parents as well as using and recommending various feeding and lactation gear.

What will be present and discussed:

  • at least 8 different electric pumps plus 6 different manual pumps
  • 20+ different types and sizes of flanges (also known as pump breast shields)
  • different types and sizes of nipple shields, nipple everters, tube feeders, supplemental nursing systems and more
  • over 20 types of bottles and nipples and why some might be preferred by lactation professionals over others. Let's talk about bottle shape, nipple shape, nipple material and flow rates.
  • touch the gear, play with it and (if all goes as planned) witness real parents pumping and using the gear.
  • using hands as gear: learning more about hand expression and how to teach it
  • share your experiences with other participants
  • how you can support families with updated information on pumping and using various gear on the market today

Who should join this workshop?


This workshop is for those working with childbearing families:  

  • IBCLCs
  • breastfeeding counselors and educators 
  • birth and postpartum doulas
  • nurses, especially maternity, pediatric and visiting
  • others working with parents who wish to increase their knowledge

"I have attended many of Jeanette's classes, the first of which was a breastfeeding class for health professionals. I was extremely impressed by her professionalism, humor, approachability, and breadth of knowledge. She is smart and up-to-date on scientific evidence, and she delivers extensive depth of information in a limited amount of time. I felt confident supporting families in feeding their babies after completing her awesome workshop! I highly recommend her classes for health professionals who care about evidence-based support for hungry babies!"

      ~ Nikki Chamoy, MD, MBA, Certified Childbirth Educator

Did you know that while most pumps come with two flanges (aka breast shields) sizes, there are many different sizes and shapes on the market that might work better for comfort and milk yield?

Come find out how you might support your clients in choosing and using them.

There are nipple shields, nipple everters, nipple many nipples!

Come see them, feel them, play with them and find out when each is appropriate and when you should be referring to an IBCLC.

Bottles: they all say "slow flow", "like the breast", "prevents colic"...but are they? Do they?

What is more likely to promote normal oral function? When is best to introduce a bottle and what can you suggest if there's bottle refusal.


Babies in Common, 6 Maple Street, Northborough, MA
(inside Northboro Chiropractic Center)

To be determined, after the time of social distancing is over.

$110 per person
Limited to 12 participants per session, minimum of 6 registrants to run workshop.
Includes hot and cold refreshments and some light snacks.
Babies in arms welcome.

Continuing Education
3 L-CERPs allocated by IBLCE IBLCE Verification Number C1991271.
This program meets the requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Registration
in Nursing at 244 CMR 5.00 for 3.5 contact hours.
(or contactjeanette@babiesincommon.comwith questions).

About the Instructor

About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Jeanette Mesite Frem, MHS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE, SBCPE is an experienced childbirth educator, IBCLC-lactation consultant and retired birth doula. She started her career working with families while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa in the early 90s. She loved that work so much she went on to receive a public health masters degree from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, focusing her studies on nutrition for maternal and child health. Her two children were breastfed for more than 2 years each and Jeanette has experience pumping at work for both children and has supported more than a thousand families with breastfeeding over the years. 

Jeanette provides prenatal childbirth and breastfeeding classes at her office in Northborough, Massachusetts, as well as provide lactation consultations in homes as well as in her office. She also also enjoys leading workshops for perinatal health professionals and mentoring those who work with families.  If you have questions, feel free to email


I thought having parents pump for us to watch & learn from was an excellent tool! Having the parent use different flanges was quite impressive & helped demonstrate how using the correct size can make a big difference to expressed breast milk yield.

I thought everything was phenomenal! I learnt so many new things including the differences in type of bottles & pacifiers parent of breast feeding babies should use, if desired. The use of visual aids(actual bottles/nipples/syringes/pumps etc) was awesome.

There are WAY too many tools out there and this must be so overwhelming for parents. It's helpful to know the pros and cons of various options to help our clients.

I think the format, setting & content was perfect. I would strongly recommend any professional who supports families in their breast feeding journey should take this class. I would take this course yearly just to stay up to date.

Jeannette is an excellent instructor who puts you at ease & encourages discussion. She is quite knowledgeable & shares the information in a multi-faceted manner to address all different learners.

A class for all levels of professionals to learn more about supporting parents through pumping and bottle feeding. There is an overwhelming amount of gear on the market, and it feels nearly impossible to provide any guidance to families. This class provides practical, hands on learning. You see, touch, put together and take apart all styles and brands. There is no better way to learn this material than hands on. I left with expertise and confidence to make meaningful recommendations to the next family I work with. Cate Johannessen, CLC, RN, Professional Birth Doula

I have had the pleasure of attending 2 different workshops that Jeanette Mesite-Frem has conducted and was extremely happy with both trainings. After each course, I have felt enthusiastic about helping families who are breastfeeding & empowered in my ability to use the knowledge learnt. I would highly recommend anyone who is in the Maternal Health or Pediatric field to participate in one of her trainings.

As a birth doula, it is so important for me to have current experience with any tools that will help my clients after the birth of their babies. Thank you, Jeanette, for sharing your expertise during your Pumping and Feeding Gear Workshop and thank you for inviting the nursing mothers to share their experiences. A great experience and I walked away with excellent information! Lori Frieling, birth doula

An excellent hands on workshop for any professional that supports infant feeding - breastfeeding, chestfeeding, bottle feeding. A great assortment of pumping and feeding gear with the opportunity to touch and try. Thank you!

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