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Other Offerings

The more people who can support families with updated information and techniques for birth, postpartum, parenting feeding and pumping, the better. I'm happy to provide the following workshops, events and services to support professionals!

CPR & Choke Saving Skills: Adults, Kids & Babies (not available at this time)

Pumping & Feeding Gear Workshop for IBCLCs

Birthy Biz in Common Networking Meetings

Birth Circle

I do occasional Birth Circle events (I have done this for MANY years). You are welcome to attend both as a professional and participant...they are designed for those who having given birth or plan to someday...for parents (and professionals) to hear birth stories is fascinating but for professionals it's also educational. You are welcome to share your birth story, as well, but listening with your professional hat on is helpful to pick up on what parents remember, how they experience labor and birth and more. It's a drop-in event, $10 ($5 MassHealth, free for WIC members). Invite your clients, too!

Business Coaching

If you are looking for affordable personalized coaching, advice related to advertising and marketing, feedback about your website or other marketing materials, feedback on your client communications, confidential coaching related to something that happened at a birth or with a client or you're just looking for someone experienced in the birthy business to bounce all types of ideas off of, I'm happy to help. Let's talk about it. Schedule an initial phone call with me by emailing me at

Mentoring for Future IBCLCs

If you are interested in becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, I'm happy to meet with you to discuss the process and perhaps even talk about the option of being one of your mentors for Pathway 3. If you haven't already, look at to find out the official info on becoming an IBCLC. If you haven't yet started or finished your 90 hours of lactation education, I definitely have some recommendations for you, so let's meet for coffee/tea at my office and talk! Just $35. Schedule a meeting online using this link.

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