Other Breastfeeding Support Groups

Looking for other support groups in addition to the Babies in Common groups? 

Not everyone can get to one of the groups at Babies in Common (or hey, not everyone wants to--that's cool, you have to find the people you fit best with!).  There are other options (see below...and if you learn of a new one, please let me know so I can add it!)

nursing and pumping/toddler nursing a doll


It's important to note, however, that each group leader (and each institution, if it hosts a group) will have their own level of experience, expertise, continuing education and sometimes are prohibited from discussing certain topics (for example, some hospital-based or medical-practice group facilitators are prohibited from talking about tongue tie or don't know much about it because they may not have much experience with babies older than a few days old or may not have much training in tongue tie, as it's not required to know become an IBCLC-lactation consultant*). Some groups engage in other topics of conversation that aren't specific to breastfeeding (which can be great, but depends on what you are hoping for), some are more like mini-clinical visits (which could be good but you may need a longer and more in-depth consultation to resolve your issues) and some groups encourage participants to get to know each other. Some group leaders, particularly those in private practice like me (Jeanette Mesite Frem) and Rachel O'Brien (in Sudbury) also welcome group participants to contact them after group with simple questions and provide continued support that way (granted, sometimes a private consultation will be warranted). 

I recommend you go to lots of different groups and see which groups are the best fit for you!


St. Vincent Hospital (Worcester)

Saturdays at 10:00 am

Suite 354 (3rd floor of the hospital, on the North side)


HealthAlliance Hospital (Leominster)

Motherhood Support Group, Wednesday 10:30 am - noon, free

Entrance 1, first room on right

(978) 466-2346


Milford Regional Medical Center (Milford)

Breastfeeding is Beautiful group, schedule not available online, free

(508) 422-2960


UMass Memorial Medical Center (Worcester)

Breastfeeding Support Group, Tuesdays 3:00 - 4:00 pm, free

South 4 Conference Room, 119 Belmont Street

(508) 334-6455


Heywood Hospital (Gardner)

1st Wednesday of the month, 10-11am, free

LaChance Maternity Lactation Room

(978) 630-6216


La Leche League

Sturbridge, Gardner, Ashland-Holliston-Hopkinton, Framingham, Marlborough-Sudbury

May have 0-2 groups per month, ask each group leader



Nursing Mothers' Council

Assabet Valley and other locations more east.



Newton-Wellesley Hospital

Breastfeeding Support Group, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 - 3:00 pm, Wells Avenue Conference Room inside the Newton-Wellesley Ambulatory Care Center in Newton, free

(617) 243-6314


* there is a difference between an IBCLC compared to a CLC, which is important to know if you are having serious concerns, an IBCLC is the gold standard in lactation support. My apologies that the chart below is a bit blurry...


is your LC an IBCLC?

















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