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More Milk Mamas

Groups are now on hold, likely until May, in hopes that we can do them in person by then...stay tuned, it may be earlier!


This casual group is for those nursing a child who is older, mobile and enjoying other foods (or those who are almost there...come ask questions!). Not everyone knows someone who is nursing an older baby, toddler or preschooler, so come on over and meet some other parents who nurse!  This is a great place to ask about introducing foods, teething, biting, gymnurstics, changing sleep patterns and so much more. Come on over and experience this fun and interactive group!

Group is NOT drop-in, registration is REQUIRED. A minimum of 5 participants required to run the group.
Fee: $5 
Free if you are on WIC, text a photo of your WIC card to Jeanette at 617-686-0052 or  Then sign up below using the code GROUPWIC (to register at no charge).


online via secure Zoom
sometimes a Friday, sometimes a Saturday

Future dates TBD


If you have attended the Breastmilk & Conversation group OR the More Milk Mamas group (or had a private lactation consultation with Jeanette Mesite Frem, IBCLC), you are welcome to join the special closed Facebook group called Breastmilk & here to ask to join!

Keep in mind that you are ALSO welcome at the Breastmilk & Conversation group if your child isn't yet walking or crawling away from you, but some parents like to have a group for the older babies and toddlers.

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