Milk in Common Membership--an IBCLC at your fingertips

Parents have questions about feeding babies. That's my specialty.

I'm Jeanette Mesite Frem. I'm an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Helping families to feed babies is what IBCLCs do.

If you already have me as your IBCLC, you already know you can reach out to me with questions and/or schedule a follow-up visit.

If you don't have an IBCLC, maybe it's because

* breastfeeding, chestfeeding and/or pumping has been going well, so you haven't needed one, or
* you didn't know who to call, or
* there just isn't one in your area, or
* you think (or know) your health insurance won't cover/reimburse you for a consultation with an IBCLC (even though the law says they should).

HOWEVER, if you would like to have the support of an IBCLC via phone or video, like an IBCLC-on call*, then the Milk in Common Membership is for you!

Consider a Milk in Common Membership so you can have an IBCLC (me!) that you can reach out to throughout your child's first years with any questions related to feeding (and other topics related to parenting).

It's important to know that ultimately, folks with breastfeeding or lactation concerns of a more serious nature really should be seen in-person, so if at all possible, I'd want to connect you with an IBCLC in your area (I have a great network of colleagues here in the US, in Canada, and a few foreign countries, too!).

This is also a great idea for someone who is expecting a baby!

The Membership Process:

  • Share your health history and your baby's health history with the me via an intake form (required to be completed fully by all members--this is a HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record that can be completed via smartphone or tablet. If completing it online isn't possible, then a phone interview can be done so the questions can be asked and I will record the answers into your chart.)
  • Have an initial phone/video consultation (60 minutes or less).
  • Communicate via a HIPAA-compliant text/phone/video software (the Spruce-Care Messenger app) when you have questions
  • Schedule monthly check-ins with me to discuss the issues that are happening at the time or what you are thinking about for the near future.

Some examples:

~ if you sign up before baby arrives, let's talk about what you can do prenatally to optimize feeding within the first couple days of your baby's life

~ within the first week of your baby's life, let's talk about optimizing your milk supply as it "comes in".

~ when you are thinking about someone else feeding baby with pumped milk, let's talk about pumping and bottlefeeding

~ let's talk about baby sleep, routines, feeding schedules

~ when your baby is 3 months, let's talk about feeding a baby who is more easily distracted

~ if your baby's weight falters at any point, let's talk about what may be happening and how to remedy it

~ if your baby is approaching 6 months, let's talk about introducing solids and balancing solids with breastfeeding and/or pumping.

Three-month Membership: $147 (total, which comes out to be about $49 per month but the whole fee is due when you join)

* analysis of you and your baby's health histories
* initial 20-minute phone/video session to discuss health history, current issues and questions (video consultations done via a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform using a smartphone, tablet or computer).
* provision of initial customized recommendations/homework
* check-ins via text (HIPAA-secure texting platform) from your lactation consultant to see how you are doing
* unlimited text support (well, let's be real, sending many texts every day is not practical, so be reasonable, please)
* 60 minutes (including initial session) of phone/video consultation time spread out over 3 months to discuss issues that come up that require a conversation instead of texting/messaging/photo-sharing
* additional phone/video consultation time can be purchased at $30 per 30 minute slots (a discounted rate for members only).
* invitation to join a closed Facebook group
* Renewal of the 3-month membership is automatic at $100 every 3 months until you cancel.

Remember that this is also a great gift to give someone who is expecting a baby anywhere in the world! As long as they
have access to a smartphone and Wifi/cell data, this can be a great support option.


Ready to join the Milk in Common Membership Program?


If I've already had an in-person consultation with Jeanette Mesite Frem, am I already considered a member?
Yes, you can reach out to me with questions about the baby I met during our consultation(s). I now use a HIPAA-compliant
texting app called Spruce to communicate (you can either download Spruce-Care Messenger and find me or text me on my
secure line at 508-714-7121. And, of course, sometimes an in-person follow-up visit will be warranted.

Who is the IBCLC who I will be communicating with?
At this time, the IBCLC is Jeanette Mesite Frem. However, as the program grows, Jeanette may bring on other IBCLC colleagues to provide additional support.

Is there a payment plan?
Membership shall be paid in full at time of purchase via credit card online.

Is there a discount for WIC members?
Yes, if you receive WIC benefits, you qualify for a 30% discount.
Contact with a photo of your WIC card and to get the discount code.

What if I want to cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time. Your refund will be prorated.
However, if you are thinking of cancelling because you decided not to breastfeed or pump, remember that some of the support
I provide is related to feeding overall, not only breast or human milk feeding, so I encourage you to continue your membership
and allow me to provide that support and answer bottlefeeding, solid food feeding, parenting, sleep and baby-related questions.


* not really "on-call" in the "I'll respond within minutes" kind of way, but I'll respond within the day whenever humanly possible.


Now ready to join the Milk in Common Membership? 




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