Mastering the Pump


Want to making pumping more enjoyable and possibly yield more milk or yield milk in a shorter pumping session?

Bring your own pump, of course, but I have several different closed-system pumps we could try, several manual pumps we could try and 20+ (yes, there are that many!) different flanges (although it's NOT expected that I would try all of them on you, I'll pick the ones I think most appropriate to try.)  For the month of October 2019, I also have a Medela Symphony multi-user pump (the one you may have seen if you gave birth in a hospital) and an Ardo Carum (multi-user pump from Switzerland) that we can try. I may have one or both beyond October, check with me if you are reading this after then.

We'll also talk about bottles and bottle-feeding and updated practices that may be new to you.

NOTE: this visit does NOT include an evaluation of your baby's latch or coming up with a plan for addressing low milk supply--while having a pumping consultation is likely to help with milk supply because finding a better way to pump, a better pump or better flanges can help with milk supply.  If you want to discuss baby's latch or a strategy to increase milk supply in addition to pumping, schedule an Initial Visit (and we may have time to do pumping during that visit or at a follow-up visit).

This type of visit also does NOT include a Care Plan nor a note to you or your baby's care provider. It DOES include a special receipt to submit to your health insurance to request reimbursement.  Sign up now by choosing one of the options below.


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ANOTHER NOTE: If you can't do an in-person visit but want to do a video pumping consultation, this is possible, too--just schedule a video consultation (but of course, we'll only be able to see your pump and any flanges you have in action, so it's not as good as an in-person consultation but sometimes it's better than nothing!) 

At the office, $245. In your home 20 miles or less from the office, $275.