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Latch Clinic

You have a baby and you just wish you had some tips and techniques to help you get a more comfortable latch. 

Nursing your baby is comfortable but you feel like
your baby could have a deeper latch. 

You feel confident about latching but wish you could figure out some different positions or not rely on a nursing pillow all the time. 

If you relate with any of the above or just want to have your baby's latch looked at, meet some other people, and learn more about nursing, then Latch Clinic is for you!

Latch Clinic isn't a typical support group (although those are amazing, we likely will bring back our Breastmilk & Conversation group in the Spring of 2024), this is more hands-on, more in-depth about latching.
Latch Clinic includes:

  • specific strategies to latch your baby in optimal ways,
  • tips for nursing in optimal comfort,
  • hands-on help from an IBCLC (this is why a consent form is required in advance for all participants)
  • information on how to have nipples that feel amazing,
  • practice moving your body and your baby into other positions for nursing,
  • time for you to ask general questions about breastfeeding/chestfeeding and lactation, and
  • meeting other people who are nursing their babies…

…then join our Latch Clinic!  You’ll get to practice different latching approaches and nursing positions, and get know other people who have nursing babies. 

During the Latch Clinic, which is a group event, you’ll get hands-off (and some hands-on, if you’d like) support with latching and positioning your baby for nursing, with optimal comfort being the goal.

Is this a feeding consultation?
Please note this event will NOT be a full consultation about nursing/breastfeeding/chestfeeding.  While we may mention some strategies for various concerns re latching, positioning and comfort in general, we cannot offer specific recommendations to each person, as it’s important to have a separate consultation with an IBCLC to discuss a customized plan for any feeding concerns beyond the latching and positioning we’ll cover during this group latch clinic. 

A high-quality scale will be available for you to use to weigh your baby.  We cannot, for example, do an oral assessment of your baby's suckle and oral anatomy, do a breast or nipple assessment if you are having any inflammation/plugged ducts/nipple damage, give you recommendations for increasing milk supply (as those need to take into consideration any medications you are on or health conditions you may have, along with other considerations).

Note that if, despite the strategies we work on during this clinic, you are still experiencing discomfort or damage with nursing, we’ll recommend a private consultation with one of the Babies in Common IBCLCs or another IBCLC in the private practice, as a more in-depth assessment would be warranted.

Who should attend?
This event is open only to people who are nursing their baby or would like to resume nursing their baby.  Given that some attendees may not be comfortable nursing in “public” yet, as much as you may know your partner is awesome and cool, this event is just for lactating parents and their baby at this time.  :)  If you have twins, please text Jeanette to discuss, before you register, at 617-686-0052.

What if you are shy?
If you are shy, feel free to bring a nursing cover/light baby blanket, but you’ll want to be comfortable to have the IBCLC leading the session be close to you/touching you as she helps you (and be able to see your baby’s latch).  You do NOT need to use a cover, but you are welcome to do so, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

What should participants bring?
Each attendee is expected to bring their baby, plus 2-3 large baby blankets. Attendees will be sitting on comfy floor chairs, although we’d also like to help you practice side-lying nursing for those who are interested, so having an extra baby blanket with you is helpful. If you’d like to bring a nursing pillow or any other type of pillow with you, please feel free to do that, although we’ll also be showing you positions where you will NOT need a pillow. We have some pillows, but would need to cover the pillow with one of your baby blankets.  If there's time, we can also work on babywearing, so bring your soft wrap or sling or soft-structured carrier and we may be able to help!

What if you are using bottles to supplement your baby?
If you are already supplementing your baby with milk or formula, please bring extra milk/formula and a bottle ready to feed your baby in case nursing your baby becomes frustrating for you or your baby.  We will then encourage you to feed your baby an ounce or two and then we can try latching your baby to your body again, after baby calms down/isn’t so hungry.

Does Health Insurance Reimburse for this?

After this event, you will be provided (via email) with a Superbill, which you can use to submit to your health insurance (some will reimburse).

However, we cannot guarantee reimbursement, but your health insurance MAY reimburse for this event, as it is considered breastfeeding counseling, which is part of the Affordable Care Act.  If your health insurance does reimburse for this, however, it MAY reduce the number of lactation/breastfeeding counseling visits your insurance will reimburse you for. Several insurance companies in Massachusetts reimburse for unlimited sessions, others may have a limit (six is a common number for those that have a limit), and some won't reimburse for any sessions, anyway.  Please contact your health insurance and ask them what the REIMBURSE (do NOT use the word "cover") related to lactation and breastfeeding counseling.  If they say nothing or "only with an in-network provider", then demand to speak to a manager.  Additionally, if they say "an in-network provider", then ask them for a list of providers who are IBCLCs that ARE in-network with them. 

On MassHealth as your primary insurance?  Use the code MASSHEALTHAPPT for a 50% discount (only if MH is your primary insurance). MassHealth will NOT reimburse, so a Superbill will not be provided.


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at the Northborough, MA offices of Babies in Common

With whom
Jeanette Mesite Frem, IBCLC.  Jeanette’s colleague, Chere Jalali, IBCLC, may also be there.

Friday, March 1, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Sign me up!

$54 per person.  

Registration online, along with payment, is required in advance. Minimum number of attendees to run this event is 3, maximum is 6, at this time.

This is a 1.5 hour event, but allow some extra time for yourself after the event ends to linger and chat with others, or nurse your baby one more time before you leave.

MassHealth Subscribers
50% discount for parents on MassHealth as their primary insurance.  Use the code MASSHEALTHAPPT when you register, and then send a photo of your MassHealth card to

A consent form will need to be signed and a short questionnaire will also need to be completed online during your registration for this event. 

To complete that Consent Form, click here.