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Breastmilk & Conversation

We are currently taking a break from groups but will restart them in May (or earlier) and in-person groups are more likely!

Advance registration REQUIRED.  A minimum of 5 attendees is required to run a group.  

For the online groups, the Zoom link will be emailed to registered attendees before group starts and will be different for each event.  The online group will be held via the HIPAA-compliant level of Zoom.   You can either attend via on desktop or the Zoom app on your phone or tablet.   Beware that when you login, you'll go straight into the meeting but your microphone will automatically be muted.  Unmute yourself to introduce yourself and when you want to talk.  Once in the meeting, please click on your name in the screen and edit it to have your first name, your baby's name and baby's age.  Additionally, the video will automatically be on so everyone can see you...for safety and protection of all involved, if someone logs in and we can't see you and don't know who you are, you will be taken out of the meeting. 

For the online groups, feel free to invite friends from afar, too!!! 

Fee: $5

If you are on WIC, you may attend for free but email a photo of your WIC card to and use the code GROUPWIC when you register.

Questions, text Jeanette at 617-686-0052. 

REGISTER IN ADVANCE (required) using the links below.


Breastmilk & Conversation

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Breastmilk & Conversation is a fun and informative group (pre-registration IS required) where those who are breastfeeding, pumping, chestfeeding (or those who are expecting to in the near future) always leave feeling more informed and encouraged. Learn what’s normal, discover how amazing you and your baby are and how easy breastfeeding and pumping can be. However, while nursing is "natural", sometimes it’s not so easy. Pumping has its benefits and challenges, too. Get suggestions and new ideas from the others in the group as well as the group facilitator. If you want to pump during group, feel free. If you need to give your baby a bottle or use another feeding device, please do. If you need/want to feed your baby formula, please do. No nursing covers are needed but if you feel more comfortable with one, feel free!

Other topics we can discuss during group: making nursing more comfortable, doing skin-to-skin, pumping, hand-expression, increasing supply, dealing with oversupply, poop (you know you want to talk about it!), introducing an occasional bottle, introducing food, soothing babies, talking with care providers about your baby, finding more sleep, and so much more! Whether you need help or are there to give help, you’ll enjoy getting to know others with babies.  And you are welcome to wear pajamas and no showering needed! 

online secure Zoom group
Sometimes a Friday, sometimes a Saturday

Future dates TBD


Is your baby older and moving around?   Consider attending the More Milk Mamas group, which is for older, mobile babies who are eating food (or those who are considering it!). 


More Milk Mamas banner

More Milk Mamas

A group for nurslings 5.5 months or older (including toddlers and preschoolers) and their breastfeeding/pumping parent. We talk about nursing an older baby/toddler/preschooler, introducing food or continuing nursing/pumping when your child is eating food, too...we talk about pumping, teething, sleep, development, daycare and so much more.  Keep in mind that you are ALSO welcome at the Breastmilk & Conversation group if your child isn't yet walking or crawling away from you, but many parents enjoy having group for the older babies and toddlers that they can attend for months or years as they continue nursing!  

Advance registration REQUIRED.  

Fee: $5 

online via secure Zoom
sometimes a Friday, sometimes a Saturday

more dates TBD


We often talk about hand expression and breast massage in the groups. CLICK HERE to see videos that will help, including YouTube videos put in a channel just for breastfeeding/pumping folks.

Additionally, AFTER you attend group, there's a special Facebook group for those who have come to group, ask about it at group when you attend.  It's a Facebook group full of warm and caring folks and there's engagement daily to post questions, joys and challenges related to nursing, pumping and parenting. If you have been to group (or to a More Milk Mamas group), please click here to request to join the Facebook group Breastmilk & Conversation.

HOWEVER, if you CAN'T get to the groups here but would like to join another Facebook group that Babies in Common's lactation consultant Jeanette Mesite Frem facilitates, click here for the closed group Boobies in Common. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU JOIN!

Do you need a feeding consultation instead or in addition to group?

Some parents are having no issues with nursing and that's fabulous!! Yay, that's perfect. Then come to group! Others are having a few issues and have some questions. Come to group.

But if your baby isn't gaining weight, your nipples are so sore you've moved to pumping only or most of the time, you are using a nipple shield for every feeding, you dread each feeding due to the pain, your baby cries "all the time" or has been diagnosed with "colic" or "reflux", you've had plugged ducts or mastitis more than once? You probably need a feeding consultation.  Click here to find out more.

Questions about group? Fastest way to get an answer is to TEXT Jeanette at 617-686-0052 or email

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Your group facilitator is Jeanette Mesite Frem, MHS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE, CD, SBCPE.  She is a lactation consultant, childbirth educator, mostly-retired birth doula and mother of two. She has been leading several parents' groups per month since February 2007.
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